The Madonna Trail in Sedona


There is an Art and Craft Village here in Sedona called Tlaquepaque . The name means “A place above the clay” There is a small shrine to Our Lady Guadalupe. The beauty of this shrine is that it is always dripping with water and green moss. Now this is a feat all in itself, in the high dry desert here in Sedona. I stood in front of this shrine the other day….and this mini environment is sweet, cooling filled with the green healing of moss and ivy. A real treasure hidden away next to Tiaquepaque chapel. Lady Guadalupe is a mixture of the Virgin Mary, an Aztec Goddess Tonantzin known as the ” Revered Mother”, also another Aztec Goddess called Citlanilvare the Goddess of the Stars. Her starry skirt covers both North and South America. Much like the Egyptian Goddess Nuit whose starry body covers both Europe and Africa. Lady Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego on December 9, 1531 at Tepeyac a hill where once an altar of ancient Earth Goddess had been located near Mexico City. Tlaquepaque also has a small chapel with other images of the Guadalupe and Lady of San Juan de los Lagos which can be found on the outside wall of the church.

I moved on from Tlaaquepaque and returned to the Chapel of the Holy Cross but this time I walked the Chapel Trail to visit the Madonna Rock.


This particular red rock looks like a Madonna holding a child, along the side of these natural formation are two more rock croppings they call the Two Nuns. They appear to just be sitting and watching, daily witnessing each new sunrise. The Chapel Trail is laden with wildflowers at this time of the year, a new discover around every bend.


Dakota Verbena


Blackfoot Daisy



Blues Dicks also known as Indian Potatoes…during the spirng time the small tubers were eaten by the Native Americans.

Desert Marigold


The Chapel Trail also gives you great views of Bell Rock and Court House Butte. This trail has a very peaceful presence. I notice the wildlife had no fear of me what so ever. And it brings you to the Madonna and Child which is a natural shrine in here in Sedona.

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