2004 Understanding the Spirit of the Dragon


It was fall, shortly after the Peace Pole was put in the ground. A congregation of Japanese people came to Mt. Shasta to perform a Peace Ceremony. Fumi Stewart was the host for this ceremony to take place. This group of people’s dedication inspired me. One of the practices that they do is write and repeat the phases Ware Soku Kami Nari, I am a Divine Being and Jinrui Soku Kami Nari, humanity is a Divine Being.

I spent my time in the following weeks repeating or writing these phrases many times during the day.

It was my bedtime and I began to settle down to sleep. I noticed that the room was filled with many Japanese spirits, dressed in kimonos and some in straw hats. I took note and fell fast asleep.

It was the middle of the night when I woke up and could not get back to sleep. I decided to go up the mountain and visit the dragons in my light body. I used my consciousness to travel the mountain. When I traveled the mountain in daily life I always like to walk slowly, saying mantras and visualizing golden lotus flowers coming out of my feet. This is one of my practices. But here in my light body I was surprise to find these lotus lighting my way up the mountain trail like garden lamps. I came to the Grey Butte Dragon and offering him imaginary incense. Then I traveled to Red Butte Dragon. I looked up at the rock in the shape of Kuan Yin and flew up and merged my light body into the stone body of Kuan Yin. I looked out on to the landscape before me. When I flew down from my rocky perch I noticed I was wearing a pure white kimono. I looked at my draping sleeves and noticed on it the same landscape as the mountain. I turned around and my kimono had changed into spring/summer flowers like those I would see in the alpine meadows. I turned again and I saw the changing colors of fall. I turned one more time and the kimono reflected the snow-white mountains themselves. I was amazed at this gift the spirits had given me. I began to create lotus offerings with my hands in a traditional Buddhist mudra. Each lotus I offered at the feet of the Dragon. Then I saw a scroll hanging from a tree in front of the dragon’s nose and it was written in Japanese.


The next moment I found myself flying. I used the kimono sleeves as wings. I flew directly to Squaw Meadows. I came to Squaw Creeks Spring and looked down from this vantage point. Once again a scroll unrolled with Japanese writing. But this time it rolled down the hill following the creek. The scroll and the creek went for many miles down the mountain.

The next thing I know I was back in my own bed fresh and very alert. The Kuan Yin spirit left my body and now stood before me. She dropped the kimono and exposed her bare back, which was tattooed with a dragon. The images on her back kept changing and changing. There were too many for me to remember. Then she dropped her body and all that was left was Light.

Different Japanese spirit people visited me that night and finally I feel into a deep sleep. Early in the morning I woke up to a very strong earthquake. I shot out of bed but there was not earthquake happening.

Then two days later I was at a coffee shop. I was reading the paper and realized there had been a major earthquake in Japan! The Naga Dragons are the rulers of ley lines and earthquakes. To give offerings to Nagas or Dragons is a way of pacifying these beings. The Tsunami in Thailand was a result of Naga Beings being very upset. I feel one reason why I have been giving these experiences at this time was to share with others this aspect of nature that needs to be rectified. We have polluted the waters, dug deep into the earth and built over ley lines, just to name a few of the sins humans have done to nature.

I believe when offerings are given with a pure heart these great beings respond. One practice I was taught is about asking the Buddhas to give the Dragon King and his retinue their full enlightenment. Humans are not the only ones on this planet that want spiritual awakening. The elemental beings and great dragons also want liberation. They have suffered much in this modern day material world. This is the way these beings should be approached: “I apologize for humanity’s actions. I thank you for the gifts of rain, the waterways and the fertility of the earth.” And most important: give their spirits and their suffering to the enlightened ones so they also can benefit from their blessings.

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