Living and Moving on the Ley-lines

alvina dragon

Dragon-head in a cave not far from Menton, France

I moved from Menton to Paris this month. But before I moved from the South of France I put together several Dragon Vases. Menton is directly below the Ley-lines. Many underground streams run though the land, emptying themselves into the Mediterranean Sea.  But not only are there underground streams, there are also were many high-rise apartment buildings which creates a lot of stress in the area.

Living on the wouivre is not easy. There are stories in Tibet about how people became sick living over the Naga Kingdom. Once there was a traveling lama who was asked to visit the summer palace of the Emperor of China. When he arrived, he found that the Emperor’s family was sick with leprosy. Leprosy is a naga disease. That night he had a dream and in the dream he realized that the palace was built over the Naga kingdom. He was given a mantra in the dream to appease the Nagas. The next morning he taught the Emperor and his family the mantra. The family became well again after taking up the practice of this mantra. This story and the enpowerment of this mantra was told to me by Lama Kunga, who lives in the Bay area of California.

Living in Menton made me very aware of how the telluric, (ley-lines) work. But I also found that my own inner process was intensified. I had a few experiences before a rain. I could feel electricity in the form of snakes moving across the floor of of apartment.

The apartments I lived in was once a barn for milking cows many decades before. It was transformed into an apartment building. But the original foundation was still a part of the building. The apartment was the old butter room. The place where they separated the cream from the milk and made butter. The floor was updated but the apartment seemed to be accessible to moisture coming up though the earth. Once when I left for two weeks during the rainy season; the bathroom windows were closed. When I returned, mold had grown on the walls in the shape of snakes. This was when I realized why they say the breath of the Nagas is poisonous. Mold is not healthy for humans to breathe. I cleaned up the mold and politely asked the Nagas to stay outside and not come in the house. I also tried to use products in my home that did not pollute the environment.

I also found a little dragon impression cracking though the wall in one of the rooms. I dotted his eye. When finding dragons the Chinese Feng Shui Masters dot the dragons eyes. They say that it opens up the power of the dragon. I have begun to do this in the last few weeks. I am amazed T the revelation that happens when I do this practice. The truth is seen.

Now I am Paris. I live by a beautiful park in Saint Cloud. The ley-line energies of Paris are found in its many underground rivers and streams, which is different then the rock ridges of Southern France. But the dragons and nagas are here also. I have been finding them in the trees. But also I see their impressions in the moisture patterns on the walls of the churches.

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