The Heart of Sedona


In my travels I came across this rock. If you look closely you can see it’s face with one eye. This would be considered a fertility stone by the Ancient Ones. The trees and plants are greener then the surrounding landscape.

I sat myself very close to the rock. I became quiet, people walked by not even noticing I was there. I disappeared into my surroundings. I inspected all the rock’s markings its curves, grooves and green lichens that covered part of it’s surface. Then I came to a place where it appeared the rock was exposing it heart. I place my hand on it’s heart and from a self arising place inside of me a prayer began to form on my lips. I whispered “May my heart and the heart of this land be connected.” “May the Spirit of this land touch me and teach me” “May I honor the Ancient Ones the Unseen Ones” “May I listen to the precious voice of the Earth”


Not far from where I live here, are small rocks caves located below the ley-lines. When one approaches these ancient dwellings you can feel the Sacred from the Ancient Ones who once lived here. I touched the rocks and paid my respects to all those who came before me.


When one passes through the doorway of this cave like dwelling and sits down, everything seems to have a vibration and a sound wave that is below the surface appearances.

I slow my breath down. My thoughts fade into the background. The Silences echoes from a place where time stand still. The modern everyday world blends over something ancient, deeper, whose roots of wisdom are still held in these Holy Stones. I listen, I see, and I bow my head in reverence to the beauty that is here to behold and also be a part of. This is the door way to the Beauty Way. It is reflected in the Natural Surroundings but also is a door that opens up deep inside of my soul.


Categories: Nature, Sacred Places

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