The Temple of Isis In Philae

We saw many temples and tombs in Egypt but the one that struck a deep chord in me was the Temple of Isis in Philae.

We woke up early in the morning and were taken by bus to a lake were we took small boats that ferried us to the island of Philae. The market place was filled with vendors but we were instructed not to interact. Once on the boat a young boy was introduced to us who had a handful of necklaces and bangles. He was earning money for his schooling, I think everyone on the boat bought something from him.

 Philae is called the Jewel of the Nile and once you have seen it you realize why. Great rock cliffs in shapes of dragons seem to be the guardians. I knew I was looking at the Ley-Lines in the form of these stone guardians.


We arrived on the island of Agilka where the Temple of Isis now stands. This temple was moved in 1972-1980s piece by piece because the Aswan Dam was to submerge the island of Philae part of the year. This would have caused considerable damage to the temple so a international project changed the location to the near by island.

I stepped off the boat and glanced at my surroundings. The power of the Earth pulsed through my feet. A large out-cropping of rocks was before me. It looked like a giant dragon with a jeweled crown. I was in the very center of many ley-lines merging together. I was standing on Sacred Ground.

We walked onto the Temple Grounds. Columns with the heads of the Hathors were before me.


Other columns depicted Gods and Goddesses and offerings of great beauty. I am not an expert on the deeper studies of ancient Egypt. But I allowed myself to experience the inner realities by being available to the energy that is in such a Sacred Site. My feet trembled with anticipation. This was a place of ancient

Philae was the center of Isis worship since 370 B.C. It was built by Napktnebef Kheperkare and expanded over the years by other rulers. It was also allowed as a place of pilgrimage during the Roman Empire. Both Greeks and Romans came here for healing and pilgrimage. It must have been the inspiration of Romans to adopt the Goddess Isis as one of their deities. Since the worship of Isis is found throughout Europe in ancient temples that are now the foundations of Medieval Cathedrals such as St Germain in Paris, Our Lady of Bon Port at the Cote Azur or Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer that once was the ancient city of Ra here in the South of France.

The Temple of Isis was transformed in 535 AD and converted into a place of worship for the Christian Coptic Church until the coming of Islam.

It was time to enter the doorway to the Temple. Our tour guide pointed out the meaning of the gateway. “This side is yesterday,” he said. “This side is Tommorow. But this is the doorway into the NOW!”


We entered the NOW, as I stepped through the threshold, the Power of this place came crashing down from above through the top of my head into my body, with such force my knees began to buckle beneath me. I was taken over by the Holies of Holies, the Truth that lay behind the scene of such a place. People around me caught my arms. I was taken over by the Divine. I had come home.

It was if I was walking in a dream. My steps became light like a feather as we wove through the inner rooms of the Sanctuary of Isis. The ancient mythos of Isis is about finding the lost body parts of her dead husband Osiris. What is the deeper meaning of such a mystery? Do we not all feel separated in this world of matter? Do we not live in the illusion and it usually takes a Crisis (Cry- Isis) in our lives to awaken and seek our wholeness? Isis recovers the lost parts of her spouse and makes him whole once again. Osiris was cut into fourteen body parts but Isis only found 13, since the penis of Osiris was missing. But Isis, being a mistress of alchemy, fashioned a penis from lapis lazuli. She then impregnated herself and gave birth to the falcon-headed God Horus, the Falcon having the power of a higher view.

The Egyptian obelisk is the grand symbol of the phallus of Osiris. We can find this symbol in Washington DC and also on Place de la Concorde, here in Paris. This particular obelisk stands in direct alignment with the Church of Mary Magdalene, located only several hundred yards distant.

We then entered the birthing room of Isis. The walls were darkened by time and age but there before me was a relief of Isis suckling the child Horus. What was I being asked at this time in my life to bring to birth? Nothing more or less then my SELF.

But we then were taken to the shrine room where the altar of Isis still stands. This altar once housed a granite cupboard that held the statue of Isis to which offerings were made to three times a day. Once a week the statue was placed on barge that crossed to the island of Bigen to visit the tomb of her spouse Osiris. This cupboard that once housed the statue of Isis now is found in the Louvre here in Paris.


The cupborad of Isis  inside the Louve of Paris

Our small group gathered around the altar. We placed our hands on the stone slab. The energy was more then my body could bear. It came through my feet into my hands like electricity wanting an outlet. My mind deepened into prayer for those around me, prayer for the world, pray for those who needed healing. Prayer and love was the only thing I could feel. My body was supported by those around me. I abandoned myself to what was unavoidably wanting to be expressed. If people around me accepted or rejected me, it did not matter at this point. There was nothing I could do but surrender to what was unfolding. I was ushered out of the altar room, my feet felt like they were gliding on air. Alok had my arm as a strong protector. I heard women walking by in the crowds hissing like snakes. A long time ago, priestesses of Isis would repeat her name, emphasizing the last syllable like the hissing snake. They also shook rattles to activate the serpentine power of the Kundalini.

Silence entered me, intermingled with prayer. I was in the fresh and open air – not in this world and not of it either. Our tour guide came up to me and I letting me know that such a thing was not allowed in this Temple, no ceremony, no worship and it had made a ruckus with the Egyptian guards and bakshish was now being offered to the officials for the events that had taken place. I felt bad that I had caused anyone trouble but in that moment there was nothing more to do except to say YES rather then say NO. and YES was all I could say.

The Sacred is sometimes inconvenient, it does not fit into this normal life we all lead. It does not conform to the rules of man or countries and this was my unruly deed. But what other reason was I brought here for but to be myself as I am, not quite fitting into society or the rules of man?

I sat in the boat near the young boy who was selling his jewelry. They fell at my feet and he bent down to pick them up. Suddenly the child at my feet became all the children in this world, who have nothing in a world that has enough for us all. I had so little to offer in that moment except my prayers for people to open both heart and mind, to make the inner changes that no longer say me or mine. Let this ego dissolve into the Silence beyond deities or notions of archetypes. Let this Silence touch each one of us. Let it bring peace to all the lands where we can once again touch each other with legions of compassion and forgiveness at our command.

6 April 2010

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