Offering Water in France

We live five minutes from the Mediterranean Sea in Menton, France. Menton is located at the border where France meets Italy. Menton is known as the Pearl of France. It is surrounded by rock ridges, which are shaped like Dragons. These Dragons are actually ley-lines or magnetic energies that travel through the earth. You could compare the ley-lines to the meridian system of the human body. Menton is like living on a major meridian of the Earth. This particular ley-line system extends from the French Italian Alps to the foothills of Menton where it meets the sea. We can observe lava rock that has taken the shape of dragons reaching into the clear-blue Mediterranean Sea.

This area  is a place of pre-historic caves where clay Goddess figurines were found, dating back to the Neolithic Man. Here the Romans had built temples used to worship the Moon Goddess Diana, Selene and Isis. The temple priestesses watched the full moon rise on the waters of the Sea. The moon’s reflection shining on the water at this special moment created visionary images of moonlight and water where the Moon Goddess would reveal her mystical secrets. Even today at the right time of the year and during the full moon the Moonlight Visions are revealed to those who have the eyes to see.

This is where I live. The Naga Dragon energies of this land are powerful but are dormant and almost forgotton. The Catholic Church of medieval Europe created a dark veil between the spirit of the land and the people.

In the East there exists an image of the Dragon that carries a Pearl. One evening, when I first arrived in Menton I looked up at the full moon to see a Dragon in the form of a cloud. He was holding the moon like a pearl in his mouth.

Every day in the morning I offer a copper bowl of water with small lavender flowers to the elementals. As I do this, I can smell the salt from the sea on my terrace. The sunlight reflects in the water of the copper bowl. The mixture of sunlight, salted air and the faint fragrance of lavender creates the ambience for my communion of prayer and mantra. Subtle signs of nature respond to the Tibetan mantra that I sing:

E ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Space, be purified. I visualize blue light streaming from my heart into infinity.

Yam ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Air, be purified. I visualize green light streaming from my heart into infinity.

Bam ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Water, be purified. I visualize white light stream from my heart into infinity.

Ram ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Fire, be purified. I visualize red light stream from my heart into infinity.

Lam ho shuddhey shuddhey: May all karmas past, present and future, created by our misuse of the Element of Earth, be purified. I visualize golden light stream from my heart into infinity.

E, Yam, Bam, Ram, Lham, shuddhey shanaya swaha
May all the elements of nature also be purified.

A pigeon takes wings into the air and circles around me as I quietly chant. The subtlest winds begin to move the plants that sway mystically to my song. Every morning I greet the day in this way. I am thankful for my friend Rigzin who introduced me to this mantra. My heart is thankful for Lama Kunga who sang this chant with me over the Springs of the Sacramento River. We sang the chant over and over then with our breath we blew into our water bottles and poured the energized water back into the river. I could imagine in my mind the chant traveling down the river out to sea. This is a reality that is unseen or unnoticed by human eyes but it is felt and received in the subtle planes of nature.

I have seen the tangible blessings of making offerings. My girlfriend Susan has made offerings for many more years then myself. When she moved to Portland she began to make Naga Offerings at one of Oregon’s most polluted rivers. A few years later in the place she made her offerings a Water Purification Plant was built and a movement to clean up the river began. Never underestimate what your pure intentions and prayer can do, even when the outer world says otherwise.

I have witnessed the blessings of rains and a balancing of the elements of the enviroment take place after I have made pure offerings in an area. What is a pure offering? A pure offering is one that you does not ask anything for yourself but asks only for the blessing of all sentient beings to be healed and given to the Buddhas. I never ask for rain or snow or weather changes. It not about what I think should be done. I just make my offering and give my gratitude to those beings in nature that are behind the scenes. I ask for their enlightenment and their own evolution. I believe there are even Elemental Buddhas and Wise Ones in these Nature Kingdoms who can guide the course of Nature with compassion.

Do not look for signs or wonders when you are offering – just offer with a pure heart. Do not expect anything in return. But through the course of time you will see changes in how you offer and what happen when you offer. This practice takes time and dedication and non-attachment to results. I have been so blessed with the inner knowledge of this work. I can never express the gratitude to the ones who taught me and the invisible ones who guide me. We make offerings to bless this world. Continue your offerings to continue the blessings


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