Varuna Mantra

I lived in Menton, France and I use to enjoy walking to Italy, to sit on a rock that meets the sea.

It was during this time that I began to practice the mantra of Varuna. Varuna is an ancient God of the Vedas. He was the chief brother of the solar sons of the Sun Goddess Aditya. The twelve Sub Gods are one form and are expressed though the Gayatri Mantra. But each God has his own unique gifts which are expressed though the Twelve Solar Gifts of the Sun Mantras. The twelve Gods were Amsa, Aryaman, Bhaga, Daksa, Dhatr, Indra, Mitra, Ravi, Savitri, Surya, Varuna and Yama.

Varuna was the deity that brought the sunlight to the atmosphere of earth through the elements of wind and water. He was the King of the Nagas. He often depicted as a Blue Being accompanied by a court of Nagas or with a chariot drawn by seven white swans.
It was said that the swans use to be black but though the blessing of Varuna he transformed their color into white like milk. Later on in history he became just the God of the Sea and all the rivers and that is why he is recognized as the Naga King.
Varuna is the deity of the sunsets. The sun that sinks into the horizon and travels to the other side of the world that we do not see.

The outer symbolism of the Hindu archetype system can be very complicated to understand and may take years to study. But I find when I do a spiritual discipline through mantra many inner secrets can be revealed to me.

Varuna mantra can help to purify the emotional body and bring to the surface emotional patterns hidden in the sea of the unconsciousness. I began to do this practice during my meditations as I sat at the sea. One day as I was repeating the mantra the inner realities of this practice were revealed to me.

Sunlight was reflecting on the water and the wind was blowing as I repeated Varuna’s mantra:

Om Jala Bimbaya Vidmahe
Nila Purushaya Dhee Mahe
Thanno Varuna Prachodayath

The simple form is Om Vam Varunaya Namaha

I saw the whole sea as the body of Varuna. The sunlight reflections on the waters were shining the light into the unconscious depths of my emotional body. Varuna was shedding light in the areas of myself that I could not see, like the sun that sets in the West.

As I got in touch with the emotional pattern that needed my attention for transformation I took a breath. The emotional pattern was uncoiling like a naga hidden in my belly. I breathed deeper. I allowed the element of air into my body as the emotional energy began to uncoil and be freed with each passing breath. The wind of Varuna was moving though my body. I allowed this feeling of unconscious pain to be viewed and embraced and taken in deeper to the temple door of my heart. Each breath allowed me to go deeper into my heart – past my fears, past my opinions of right and wrong. I allowed it to be transformed in the heart chakra, the throne of the infinite. With each deep breath the pain began to dissolve like clouds into the clarity of the sky of my mind.

I realized that the very process of sea water evaporating into the sunlight was the transformation of Varuna. The breath of Varuna is the wind. The Sunset aspect of Varuna is the light of consciousness shining on the hidden depths of our emotional body. The coiled nagas represent the negative emotional patterns that are asking for transformation. The air of Varuna’s is our breath and the objective becomes to allow our breath and breathing patterns to move though our body without resisting the uncoiling process of our hidden suffering. The breath brings us to the door of our heart, the great transformer. With each breath we embrace our issues without judgment and without resisting. With each breath our mind becomes clear like clouds parting in the sky. The Infinite Presence within our heart is the seat of our True Self or some may call No Self. Each breath sent into the heart center dissolves the pain into spaciousness. Our minds become like cloudless blue skies, no thought, just pure consciousness.

The truth of nature is always teaching us. Varuna’s mantra opens my breath like winds on the water. It opens my heart like sunlight bursting out from a cloudy day. The seven swans of his chariot transformed my soul allowing the freedom of flight.


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  1. Excellent! Thank you


  2. It was good to read your experience. And i do agree with wat u wrote. There are really lot many things to experience in Hinduism. Mantra given in our Hinduism literature are actually to realize the inner core energy inside our body.

    Thanks have a nice day


  3. Beautiful description and insights, I too felt this mantra deeply cleanse my emotional body, I cried every time I meditated on it for days, washes the heart of suffering and pain.
    Thanks for your insights


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