Merovingian Lineage of my Ancestors

Jan 19th, 2014

My mother died a few days after her death my family gathered at my father’s house. My eldest son Joshua brought me a great gift, the ancestral family tree that can be traced back to the Merovingian Kings of France. I had never seen the family tree and had little knowledge of who my ancestors were. But when I saw the lineage, I understood I was looking at the Merovingian Bloodline. I lived in France and visited their gravesite and wrote about these same Kings. But what blew me away was that I had followed the Roseline…which is also called the Sangreal or “Royal Blood. The Roseline secrets is encoded into many of the shrine and cathedrals of France. I had profound experiences at Basilique Royale de Saint-Denis, or better known as Basilique Saint-Denis. Dagobert I,  king of the Franks (reigned 628 to 637) had the relics of Saint Denis placed in this cathedral. It became the final resting place for many of the Kings and Queens of France.

The Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés the first cathedral I visited in Paris in the year 2000 is where I had a deep mystical experience of my kundalini rising. Right at the same moment a woman bursted out singing Ave Maria in an empty cathedral.  I felt in that very moment a deep silence, then an inner voice said “Welcome Home! my daughter”  This was the burial place of Clovis I and Childebert I, my Merovingian ancestors. At  that time I had no understanding of my families’s lineage, but somewhere in the DNA memory a part of me knew my own ancestors. My path of living in France led me to the trail of the Black Madonna which I followed and wrote about the next four and half years.  It is said that the Merovingians and the Knight Templars were instrumental  bringing the Black Virgins to France. Dagobert I died on Jan 19th the last King of the Merovingian Line was the same day

my Mother Died


Our Lady of Laghet


The Gate Keeper March 7th 2015

Last night I went to an Art Opening in Sedona AZ. Ani Williams was playing her harp for the opening of a new art exhibition. Annie lives in the South of France part of the year is known as Modern Troubadour of our times. She is steeped in the Magdalene Mysteries of the South of France. Ani addressed me as Raylene Magdalena. I smiled and looked at her shunning the title and said, “I am more like the Black Madonna”. I realize later I turned more of my attention towards the Black Virgins of France because it seems over the last 10 years there has been so much written on the Magdalene that sometimes it is difficult to weed out what is true or false.

I stood listening to Ani’s music swaying to the melody of her harp and listening to her ballad of : “Dieu et la Magdeleine”. My spirit rose in just a few seconds hovering over the earthly scene, and in a flash I was back in present day reality. I bid Ani good bye and went home. But something transpired in the brief encounter with Ani and the following vision and inspiration happen that night. Vision/

Inspiration going across space and time.

From the Book “Between the Visions by Raylene Abbott

The experienced happened in the year of 1996

  March 2015

Last night I had a realization accompanied by a vision.  I realized the truth of my own blood line and why I had such an experience  in the first place. Tonight I realized directly for the first time, that Magdalene and Christ had a child and I was a part of their blood-line. I have understood this mentally  through my research and the heretical symbols I have read in the Churches of France. But tonight it was different it was a very direct realization through my DNA memory.

I have research both the Magdelene and Black Madonna Mysteries beginning in 1992 but this experience was different. I began to see the faces of my ancestors fill the room. Eleanor of Aquatine is also part of this blood-line….though her marriage with Louie the 7th. Even they were related as cousins a few times removed.

Louie the 6th was there in the room smiling as I understood what a part he played in the making of history of bringing Eleanor and his son together. My own direct-line comes from Louie the 6th though his other son Pierre Prince of France De Courtenay 1125-1205 was my direct line into this lineage. Prince Pierre died in the crusades leaving his wife with ten children.

Then understanding about Dagbert the II began to form in my consciousness. He had lived in Ireland, to be protected from being murdered in France as a young boy living in an Irish monastery I saw that his consciousness became influenced by the Celtic legend of Tuath(a) Dé Danann. Much of Irish mythology was recorded by Christian monks. In the moment of realization and vision the room became filled with so many ancestors. Dagobert’s death date and the day my mother died was the same…and two days later I was given my lineage by my son. Dagobert was the last Merovingian King of France.

I thought of my name Abbott and looked  and saw the connection into the lineage? “ I was half in vision and sleep state at this moment”. Then I saw my great grandfather Wayne Abbott 1874-1933 ,who had changed his name from Hogbin. Then the face of his father Aquila Puntenney Hogbin 1836-1912. It was his marriage to Prisilla Jan Puntenney that bought the family lineage into the Royal Bloodline. It was in that moment I saw the lineage bought forth from the woman’s blood-line…..Then another realization happened they had killed the Merovingian Kings but not the Queens and that was how the blood-line continued. All of this was in a moment of inner understanding.

The faces of the ancestors flashed before me… that moment I had no doubt that Christ and Magdalene had a child……and It was part of my blood line. I saw another vision, of a light bulb shining through bubble wrap…..I thought what is that weird symbol….and all of a sudden….I realized the bubbles where like the cell which the DNA was in…And the light was being shinned through my own DNA. The lost treasure, the symbols of the heretics were hidden inside my DNA….waiting for this moment. My vision experiences of the Christ Union’s lineage happened to me in 1996 for the reason to remember. My traveling to France and going on pilgrimage and understanding the heretic symbols written within the church was my DNA remembering. Everything made sense in this moment. The realization of why it was hard to live in France the betrayal played out once again through my work and my relationships….of course it would. My ancestors had been killed and betrayed. I kept hearing “the treasure has been hidden inside of you the treasure is in your very DNA…we placed it there so you could remember.”

There is so much written on the internet on this linage since the Da Vinci Code some unbelievable claiming from being the bloodline of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ to the  other extreme being the anti-Christ that carries  dragon-blood of outer space creatures….I would like to make clear a few of my own reflections about what this Royal Lineage might be saying to us today.  One, there is no written proof that Mary Magdalene was part of the Merovingian blood lineage. But there were people that believe this because many of the heretical symbols are still encoded in the French cathedrals that points to this belief.  I have not drawn any strong opinion myself if this is true or not true even though I have had  experience and written about the encoded symbols in the cathedrals of France. This opinion has change in me since March 8 of 2015.

There are many other writers that have gone in depth about this subject matter and can be read  “The Holy Blood and Holy Grail” by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. This was book was that was the forerunner of the Da Vinci Code. And there is also another book “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar” “Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail” by Margaret Starbird. “Rosslyn Revealed: A Library in Stone”  by Alan Butler, and John Ritchie “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” by Laurence Gardner

Now I like to look at another section of the Merovingian lineage who have the word Worm in their titles. Now worm in the medieval times was another name for dragon. The Merovingians were known as the Dragon Kings. The following people are from the this lineage:

Thuringbert of Worms and Gheigau (715 – 741), son of Robert I Duke of Neustria son of Thuringbert of Worms and Rheingau son of Thuringbert of Worms and Gheigau,
Robert II of Hesbaye count of Worms and of Rheingau, and duke of Hesbaye (770 – 807)
son of son of Thuringbert of Worms and Rheingau,    

Rutpert III von Wormsgau Count of Worms and Rheingau (795 – 834) ,son of Robert II of Hesbaye count of Worms and of Rheingau, and duke of Hesbaye, Robert/Rutpert IV The Strong Margrave of Neustria; Count of Anjou (835 – 866),son of Rutpert III von Wormsgau Count of Worms and Rheingau

dragon france-2

Head of Dragon Ley-line South of France

The Dragon Kings were not evil anti Christ but they were kings that were connected to the older pagan tradition of being connected to the ley of the land. It was these Ley-lines or dragon-lines are the power spots that distributed the fertility through out the earth, think of the importance of fertile soil. If the land was fertile the kingdom would be a rich kingdom and have plenty of food. Merovingians Kings were known as a Pagan/Christian Kings accepting the teaching of Christianity but still had their feet in Pagan soil.

It is an interesting note that for me a few years before I went to France my experiences on Mt. Shasta with the ley-line began to unfold, but it was in France the land of my ancestors that the deeper understand of these natural energy lines in the Earth came into a fuller understanding. The Merovingian Kings understood that the ley-lines were an important factor of living with the Earth in harmony.


Living in France

The Merovingian Lineage through my Father’s Line.


King Clodius III Franks (200 – 298)
Raylene Abbott is 57th great granddaughter
King Waltherus Walter of Franks (220 – 306)
son of King Clodius III Franks
Dagobert I The Franks (born 629-634)
son of King Chothar II of Franks
Genebald stDuke VonEastern Franks
son of Dagobert I The Franks
Dagobert II East Franks
son of Genebald stDuke VonEastern Franks
Clodius I The Franks (324 – 389)
son of Dagobert II East Franks
`Marcomir I Merovech I 5th Duke Von Cologne of Eastern Franks (347 – 425)
son of Clodius I The Franks
Pharamond The Wise King of all Franks (370 – 427)
son of `Marcomir I Merovech I 5th Duke Von Cologne of Eastern Franks
Clodion Clodius Franki VI Longhaired France (395 – 446)
son of Pharamond The Wise King of all Franks
Merovech Merovaeus King of the SalicFranks (411 – 458)
son of Clodion Clodius Franki VI Longhaired France

Childeric I Merovee (436 – 481)
son of Merovech Merovaeus King of the SalicFranks

Childeric’s tomb was discovered in 1653 not far from the 12th-century church of Saint-Brice in Tourney, Belgium. Numerous precious objects were found, including jewels of gold and garnet cloisonné, gold coins, a gold bull’s head, and a ring with the king’s name inscribed. Some 300 golden bees or cicadas were also found which had been placed on the king’s cloak.[8] Archduke Leopold William, governor of the Southern Netherlands (today’s Belgium), had the find published in Latin. The treasure went first to the Habsburgs in Vienna, then as a gift to Louis XIV, who was not impressed with the treasure and stored it in the royal library, which became the Bibliothèque Nationale de France during the Revolution. Napoleon was more impressed with Childeric’s bees and when he was looking for a heraldic symbol to trump the Bourbon fleur-de-lys, he settled on Childeric’s bees as symbols of the French Empire.

Clovis I France (465 – 511)
son of Childeric I Merovee

King Clovis was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler, changing the form of leadership from a group of royal chieftains to rule by a single king and ensuring that the kingship was passed down to his heirs. He is considered to have been the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled the Frankish kingdom for the next two centuries. Clovis is also significant due to his conversion to Christianity in 496, largely at the behest of his wife, Clotilde, who would later be venerated as a saint for this act, celebrated today in both the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. The adoption by Clovis of Catholicism (as opposed to the Arianism of some other Germanic tribes) led to widespread conversion among the Frankish peoples, to religious unification across modern-day France and Germany, and to Charlemagne’s alliance with the Bishop of Rome and the consequent birth of the early Holy Roman Empire. During the reign of Clovis’ son Childebert I, the original church at St-Germain des Près, then called Sainte-Croix-et-Saint-Vincent was built in 556-558.  Clovis was laid to rest in the Abbey of St Genevieve in Paris. His remains were relocated to Saint Denis Basilica 

son of Clovis I France
Charibert de Hespengau (555 – 636)
son of Clotaire I Meroving
Chrodobertus I de Haspegau (600 – 630)
son of Charibert de Hespengau
Lambert I de Haspengau (620 – 651)
son of Chrodobertus I de Haspegau
Chrodobertus II “Chancelor & Count” Von Haspengau (650 – 678)
son of Lambert I de Haspengau
Lambert II Count of Haspengau (682 – 741)
son of Chrodobertus II “Chancelor & Count” Von Haspengau
Robert I Duke of Neustria (697 – 764)
son of Lambert II Count of Haspengau
Thuringbert of Worms and Gheigau (715 – 741)
son of Robert I Duke of Neustria
son of Thuringbert of Worms and Rheingau
son of Thuringbert of Worms and Gheigau
Robert II of Hesbaye count of Worms and of Rheingau, and duke of Hesbaye (770 – 807)
son of son of Thuringbert of Worms and Rheingau
Rutpert III von Wormsgau Count of Worms and Rheingau (795 – 834)
son of Robert II of Hesbaye count of Worms and of Rheingau, and duke of Hesbaye
Robert/Rutpert IV The Strong Margrave of Neustria; Count of Anjou (835 – 866)
son of Rutpert III von Wormsgau Count of Worms and Rheingau
Count of Paris & Poitiers Robert I (866 – 933)
son of Robert/Rutpert IV The Strong Margrave of Neustria; Count of Anjou
Hugh the Great, Duke of the Franks and count of Paris Magnus (915 – 956)
son of Count of Paris & Poitiers Robert I
King of France Hugh Capet (939 – 996)
son of Hugh the Great, Duke of the Franks and count of Paris Magnus
“The Pious” (King of France) Robert II (972 – 1031)
son of King of France Hugh Capet
Henry I King of the Franks (1008 – 1060)
son of “The Pious” (King of France) Robert II
Philip I The Amorous Of France (1053 – 1108)
son of Henry I King of the Franks

King of France Louis VI (1081 – 1137)

Louis VI was the Godfather  Important dates historical change.  And also when the linage of the Kings of France Changed from my lineage.

1137 (9th April) William Duke of Aquitaine died while on pilgrimage to St James of Compostela and Eleanor inherited Aquitaine. King Louis VI, King of France was appointed her guardian. It was Louis VI that arranged the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine to his first son Louis  VII

1137th 25th of July Married Louis, heir to the French throne

1137 (1st August) Became Queen of France when the French King died and Louis became King Louis VII.

1137 (25th December) Eleanor and Louis were crowned King and Queen of the Franks

1145 (April) Eleanor gave birth to a daughter Marie. Marie of France, Countess of Champagne help establish “Courtly Love”  with the help of her Mother Eleanor in the courts of France. Marie was also a patron of literature, including Andreas Capellanus, who served in her court, and wrote the  Chrétien de Troyes.  A deep affection existed between Marie and her half-brother King Richard I the Lion-hearted, and his celebrated poem J’a nuns hols paris  lamenting his captivity in Austria, was dedicated to her.

1147 (during) Eleanor accompanied her husband Louis VII on the Second Crusade. This I believe was the beginning of Eleanor”s education of learning about (no hands tantra or white tantra which inspired the rules of Courtly Love.

1148 (during) Eleanor developed a very close relationship with her uncle, Raymond of Poitiers, who was staying in Antioch at the time. The relationship made Louis jealous and led to a distancing of the relationship between Eleanor and Louis.  

1152 (11th March) Eleanor’s marriage to Louis VII was annulled on the grounds of consanguinity.

1152 (18th May) Eleanor, aged 30 years, married Henry Plantagenet, the 18 year old grandson of Henry I who became the King of England.

1157 (8th September) A son, Richard, was born to Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Richard the Lion-hearted

December) A son John was born to Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine,  Prince John and later King John.

Eleanor was instrumental in arranging the peace treaty between England and France which was sealed with the marriage of her grand daughter, Blanche of Castile, to King Louis VIII.

1204 Eleanor died at the monastery at Fontevrault in Anjou

The Continuation of My Direct Lineage

Pierre Prince of France DeCourtenay (1125 – 1183) son of King of France Louis VI

Countess Alix Alice Angouleme DeCourtenay (1160 – 1205)

daughter of Pierre Prince of France DeCourtenay

Historical Change

Isabella of Angoulême ( 4 June  1160 – 12 February 1218), DeTaillefer

Queen Consort 1188-1246

 June 4 1246 became queen consort of England as the second wife of King John from 1200 until John’s death in 1216. She was also sou jure Countess of Angoulême from 1202 until 1246. She had five children by the king, including his heir, later Henry III. (Not my lineage) At the time of her marriage to John, the blonde and blue-eyed 12-year-old Isabella was already renowned by some for her beauty[5] and has sometimes been called the Helen of the Middle Ages by historians

In 1220, Isabella married Hugh X of Lusignan, Count of La Marche, by whom she had another nine children. The continue of my lineage.   She was the only daughter and heir of Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angoulême, by Alice of Courtenay, who was sister of Peter II of Courtenay, Latin Emperor of Constantinople and granddaughter of King Louis VI of France.

In 1241, when Isabella and Hugh were summoned to the French court to swear fealty to King Louis IX of France’s brother, Alphonse, who had been invested as Count of Poitou, their mother, the Queen Dowager Blanche openly snubbed her. This so infuriated Isabella, who had a deep-seated hatred of Blanche for having fervently supported the French invasion of England during the First Barons’ War in May 1216, that she began to actively conspire against King Louis. Isabella and her husband, along with other disgruntled nobles, including her son-in-law Raymond VII of Toulouse, sought to create an English-backed confederacy which united the provinces of the south and west against the French king.[14] She encouraged her son Henry in his invasion of Normandy in 1230, but then did not provide him the support she had promised.Isbelle was finally placed beside Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Afterwards, most of her many Lusignan children, having few prospects in France, set sail for England and the court of Henry, their half-brother.

By her own prior arrangement, she was first buried in the Abbey’s churchyard, as an act of repentance for her many misdeeds. On a visit to Fontevraud, her son King Henry III of England was shocked to find her buried outside the Abbey and ordered her immediately moved inside. She was finally placed beside Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Afterwards, most of her many Lusignan children, having few prospects in France, set sail for England and the court of Henry, their half-brother

Continuation of the Lineage Daughter of Isabelle 

Alice* LeBrun DeLusignan Countess Surrey (1224 – 1291)

Alice de Lusignan, Countess of Surrey (1224[1] – 9 February 1256) was a uterine half-sister of King Henry III of England and the wife of John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey. Shortly after her arrival in England from France in 1247, her half-brother arranged her marriage to the Earl, which incurred some resentment from the English nobility

Daughter of Alice Le Brun Eleanor DeWarenne (1251 – 1282)

Birth: 1251, England Death: 1282 North Yorkshire, England  Lady Eleanor de Warenne de Percy.

Eleanor de Warenne was born about 1251 at Warren, Sussex, England. She was the daughter of John de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey and Alix de Lusignan. Eleanor de Warenne married Henry de Percy, son of William de Percy and Eleanor de Baliol, on 8 September 1268 at York, Yorkshire, England.
This marriage produced 3 sons, they were: 1. John de Percy, b. 1270, d. Bef 20 Jul 1293; 2. William de Percy, d. date unknown; 3. Henry de Percy, Lord Percy, b. 25 Mar 1273, Petworth, Sussex, England, d. Between 2 Oct 1314 and 10 Oct 1314. Eleanor died about 1282 in Craven, Yorkshire, England, and her burial place is Sawley Abbey {Sallay Abbey, Yorkshire, England}. 

Henry DePercy (1273 – 1314)    his legacy

son of Eleanor DeWarenne
Henry (Sir) De Percy (1301 – 1352)
son of Henry DePercy
Henry Percy Baron Percy of Alnwick (1322 – 1368)
son of Henry (Sir) De Percy
Henry, 4th Baron PERCY (1341 – 1407)
son of Henry Percy Baron Percy of Alnwick
Henry “Harry Hotspur” Percy (1364 – 1403)
son of Henry, 4th Baron PERCY
Sir Henry Percy (2nd Earl of Northumberland) (1393 – 1455)
son of Henry “Harry Hotspur” Percy
Sir Lord Earl Henry VIII of Northumberland Percy (1421 – 1461)
son of Sir Henry Percy (2nd Earl of Northumberland)
Sir Lord Peter Percy (Pierce) (1447 – 1510)
son of Sir Lord Earl Henry VIII of Northumberland Percy
Sir Lord Richard Pierce (1510 – 1553)
son of Sir Lord Peter Percy (Pierce)
Sir Richard Pierce (1540 – 1632)
son of Sir Lord Richard Pierce
Thomasina Pierce (1565 – )
daughter of Sir Richard Pierce
Thomas Parrish (1580 – 1668)
son of Thomasina Pierce
Capt. Edward Parrish (1600 – 1679)
son of Thomas Parrish
Edward Parrish II (1640 – 1680)
son of Capt. Edward Parrish
Edward Parrish (1669 – 1723)
son of Edward Parrish II
Ann Parrish (1702 – 1776)
daughter of Edward Parrish
Josef Eduard Joseph Edward de Puntenney (1728 – 1778)
son of Ann Parrish
Nelson Puntenney (1793 – 1878)
son of Josef Eduard Joseph Edward de Puntenney
Prisilla Jane Puntenney (1808 – 1850)
daughter of Nelson Puntenney
Aquilla Puntenney Hogbin (1836 – 1912)
son of Prisilla Jane Puntenney
Wayne Abbott (1874 – 1933)
son of Aquilla Puntenney Hogbin
Harry Wayne Abbott (1899 – 1930)
son of Wayne Abbott
Jack Abbott (1922 -still alive)

Raylene Abbott 1952  (still alive) 

Joshua Biggins 1972

Sheenon Olson 1977

Selene Veltri 1982

Atticus Biggins

Vendela Biggins

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  1. Hi Raylene:

    What a wonderful piece you have written about your lineage connections to the Holygrail Bloodline! I agree that this lineage is a most magical group of people. You know it was a few years ago when I was connecting to the serpentine world I found you on FB. I started to understand these serpentine formations, with your help. While reading an online blog called Rainbow Warrior Network I discovered a man, ZZerrnovah Livingston writing about elementals living in Canada. Livingston is also my mother’s bloodline and we had a long conversation about this. He told me I was connecting to him through ley lines from where I was using the computer! I live in California.

    Let me back up a little…In 2002 while I was helping a dear friend pass through a ‘break with reality.’ I began to wonder about my own sanity. Just about that time
    I received a channeled email message from a friend of another dear friend who pulled me right into the truth of what was happening into the light and told me about this Holygrail Bloodline. I suddenly remembered a much earlier revelation I had about myself in the 1970’s. While looking for my the Livingston lineage I found many pieces. Over the years I had a few revelations about my family lineage. Going to a Celtic fair the Livingston Clan was shown to me on a clan map to be right next to Stonehenge. Ah ha!, King Druids of course (Living Stone). Well online the Livingston lineage goes up through Scotland and eventually over to Ireland.

    So the revelation in the 1970’s happened during a Holotropic Breathwork session I did which seemed to tell me that I had been Mary of Scots. It was quite intense, and afterward a synchronous verification came from finding a necklace just after the session on the ground that was a red enamel of the queen of hearts!
    Of course I remembered this for years, and at some point I took a class to become a hypnotherapist. I re-entered the past life scene and carefully studied it only to realize that I was looking at Mary Scots. At some other point after that session I realized I must have been someone else looking at her, yet she seemed so familiar. So I did another re-entry and got a better description of the person who I was in the scene. Still not really knowing, a few years later I read an ancient European story called , ‘The Five Marys’ about five young girls of which Mary de Guise (who became Scots) was one who went to school in the south of France. Mary Livingston was another one of these girls, and it seems that the Livingston family hid Mary of Scots when Henry of England was hunting her. Mary Livingston was called Lusty Mary and rode horses on Mary of Scots castle acreage where she lived in Scotland.

    So the question arises: was I experiencing a past life or was I looking though ‘The Eye of the Flesh’ as Ken Wilbur, a transpersonal theorist, would say.

    So there is another spiritual model that I draw upon, ‘the Michael Channel’ which speaks about archetypes and overleaves. This illucidates the royal family system if you ever come across it.

    So while massaging a woman from Scotland at a spa I worked at I had a final revelation, a really fine experience, when she told me that Livingston was a
    holy name in Scotland. I then found that my Scottish family has a branch that goes into Ireland, a group of folks who were ‘healers and doctors’.

    I thought I would write some things, but never did finish anything. Funny, not long after all that I met up with an old friend with whom I had
    explored the tarot and the world of archetypes in the seventies, Quiggly. . He started a school of hypnotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy.
    We compared notes on a long walk and found out that he had the same story only like another part of it from his experiences. He also started
    to make a movie, but never finished. I guess we should have gotten married, it felt that way. Oh well. At the point we met up again he was on his
    way to speak at the United Nations, believe it or not!

    Many blessings in love and light, Michelle Elo Devi Heart


  2. I have the same ancestors as him clovis etc Merovingian dagobert I etc. 🙂


  3. Amazing work Sister.
    I’m just starting in on my family history work. I’ve traced my blood line to Adam and Eve twice so far. Onece trough Egyptian Royals the Other from Royals of Troy.
    I did find a line to Jesus but with your finding I’m going to confirm and check some of the data.
    I learned that Christ took all ordinations of man just like Adam did. Baptism, Priesthood, and Marriage would be included.
    Thanks for your work!
    Love and Light
    Matthew D


  4. Hi:
    I enjoyed reading about your genealogical journey. I have multiple lines of Merovingian descent, including Eleanor of Aquitaine .
    Curious about Bangladesh, which isn’t so far from Kashmir, where there is said to be some Jesus lineage.
    Have you read the priory of Sion genealogy?
    Had a vivid dream about Jesus at the Crucifixion . The vision was mostly of his face, which was sweating profusely.


    • Mary I have read a bit about the Priory Sion…..I have also read stuff on the net about being born from a dragon lineage and sea monsters as some say on the internet….But I feel much has been misunderstood. The ancient Kings were buried on the Ley-Lines also known as dragon-lines in some cultures. There would be three types of stones on a Ley-line….standing stones known to distribute fertility in the land, Stones in circles for ceremony, which also did the same thing and the last was a Kings tomb …this is why they call it the royal line since only a king could be buried in such a places thus the dragon-line pr royal blood lines of the Kings. As far as the Sea monster had a hidden meaning….Christ whose symbols was the fish and Magdalene the long haired woman thus the two came together as mermaid or (sea monsters.) It is all hidden language of arch-types.


  5. Helloing this is your cousin patti I also have the same paternity different fathers but brothers. The AncestryDNA answer many questions I have had over the years.

    I am sorry about Uncle Jack I didn’t know what had happened my sympathies
    And prayers

    Patti, your cousin


    • My Father Jack Abbott, Patti left his body May 21, 2017….He left so much love and his last words were tell my family how much I love them all….I was there with him by ourselves…it was an honor to have those last two years with him.


  6. I found my Merovingian ancestors and also Roman emperors like Jules Cesar, Auguste and Claude. King arthur descended from the roman emperor he was called son of the dragon (pendragon) with the roman emperors their descendants some became pharaoh of egypt with ptolemee like alexander the great who is descendant of Zeus (the Greek god) I find while seeking I am related with Odin (the Norse god). Most of the names that you named as kings and queens I have them in my genealogy there are kings that their children were illegitimate therefore had no right to the crown but he had royal blood anyway. It was the Catholic religion that said that the dragon was the symbol of evil but evil was in religion. Many descendants of the King of France have been cursed because a King of France who killed the grand master of the knights of the temple (or Friday the 13th) became evil. With genealogy by dna its confirms a lot. Going back far enough I have cousins ​​in all countries and all colors. I too went back to adam and eve all most of the biblical characters like noe etc it’s not surprising that there is a celtic link with jesus because he studied with the druids of glastonbury (england). Marie-Madeleine left for the south of France and Joseph of Arimathea left for England and he became a great Druid and later the Church made him a saint. I am also a descendant with emperor charlemagne. I do not understand why you have not registered jeanne d’arc (the daughter of a king and the queen) but the two king and queen was not married so illegitimate princess.


    • Dear Daniel….I only have this part of the family tree that is related to my own the direct lineage in the blood-line….yes there were illegitimate children and not all of them have been claimed over the centuries…This is how the lineage relates to my own family….If you go deeper into my website you will see many other links that relate to some of the subjects you have written about. A few links you might like to visit here, This link was part of the neighborhood I lived in outside of Paris… Pac du St Cloud was named after {Saint Clodoald (Latin: C(h)lodoaldus, Cloudus; reconstructed Frankish: *Hlōdōwald;[4] 522 – c. 560 AD), better known as Saint Cloud (French: [klu]), was a Merovingian prince, grandson of Clovis I and son of Chlodomer, who preferred to renounce royalty and became a hermit and monk. Clodoald found a hill along the Seine, two leagues below Paris, in a place called Novigentum (the present commune of Saint-Cloud). Here among the fishermen and farmers, he led a life of solitude and prayer, and built a church, which he dedicated in honor of Martin of Tours. He is venerated as a saint in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches} quote From Wikipedia,


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