Meditation to See the Nature Spirits


I have been cocreating with the nature spirits since 1974. In those days I would walk the woods and comb the fields, finding secret havens where the fairy people gathered. Some times it would be a hollow log that was rotten, old and weather-torn. But with closer observation I would see fairy thrones where the queen and the kings of the Nature Spirit would sit. And the fairies would gather. I would find these places through the songs of the birds or a ray of sunshine showing me the way. Some times I would be lucky enough to catch sight of a fairy image.


Dancing Wood Elves

One day as I was meditating in the winter snow, the tinkling of icicles that made music as the river flowed, caught my ear. I bent down to look and there, molded in the shape of ice, were three gnome faces that shone like crystal in the early morning light.

Some time later, during a wildflower walk, I spied a Shooting Star flower. Using my magnifying glass, I looked into the stamen of the flower. The stamen was surrounded by a yellow velvet mandala with swirling maroon patterns. The stamen was shaped like the faces of four gnomes, looking North, East, South and West. Upon close observation I discovered the stamen was about to release its seed into the ground. I caught the flower at the point of orgasm.

Years ago, when my daughter Selene was six years old, she became fully clairvoyant on Good Friday with my entire family had gathered. The Ancestors and Angels filled the room.  At first my mother did not believe what was happening until she saw heart-strings between her heart and her granddaughters heart.  All of a sudden an Angel started playing the strings with her fingers making music. My mother was so surprised by the presence of so much Love..


One day I decided to explore with with Selene this gift. I took her into the woods, next to a bridge where I had seen a sphere of light in a tree. I knew that a nature spirit resided in this tree and I asked Selene if she could see him. She began to describe a gnome as being three-foot tall. His name was Jock. He wore a tall green cap and his pants looked like the bark of a tree. Furthermore he wore a velvet green jacket and carried a velvet green book with ancient pages and a golden lock. As he opened the book, every flower of the field was represented on ancient parchment.

Jock's Tree

The tree where Jock lives in Fairfax CA. Watershed area.

He gave Selene a meditation which she passed on to me. As she took me through this meditation, all the flower fairies of the field came to partake in this sacred moment. The blue-eyed grass fairies put a blue flower into my third eye. From that day on, I could see into the realm of the fairies.

The pollination fairy poured golden pollen into my crown chakra. She wore a dress that was made up of every flower of the field. Her blessing revealed secrets of nature to me.


Fairy Meditation Given to Selene from the Wise Gnome Jock

Begin by taking deep breaths and empty your mind. Don’t think about anything. Now go to your heart, and as you search inside your heart, you may see gnarly old tree roots. These tree roots represent bad feelings you may be carrying. Let the fairies pull these tree roots out as you deeply breathe in and out of your heart. Often the fairies are quite silly and will do somersaults as they pull the tree roots from your heart. Once the tree roots have all been cleared, imagine fairies in front of your heart, with a golden pot of honey. They begin to pour the honey into your heart where the roots had been. Feel your heart full of sweetness, like when you were a little child. Feel how sweet your inner heart is. Now go up to your third eye and see a wishing star, like the first star in the night sky. Let that star get brighter and brighter. If you truly, truly believe, you will begin to see into the realm of the fairies through the wishing star in your forehead. At first it might be just flashes of light, on your right or left. Or quick flashing images in your mind’s eye. As you slow down and remember these images, you will begin to see into the fairy realm. For the keys to the Kingdom of God are given to the pure of heart.

Real Photos of Fairies

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