Salamanders Speak – The Spirits of Fire


Spirit of the Dragon taken in Java
We are the spark of life that ignites all of creation. We are the raw energy that is within all things. We are the life pulse, and this is what we give. Salamanders is our name, and fire is our game, for through the purification of fire man/woman will understand his/her own creative nature. At this time humankind is experiencing the wild fires gone mad. Volcanoes are exploding as humankind refuses to tame his/her own impulsive fire nature. We shall reflect it back to you. But just as after a forest fire, after things have become blackened and charred, new life appears, new growth and all things can then begin anew. We are here to bring understanding of a new day and a new dawn – not so new for some. Because this is also the way of the ancient and old.
The center of every fire is a surge of heat, and that heat is the heart of all creation. Every time you light a match, the Salamanders are there. It is up to humankind to use fire creatively or destructively. We bring warmth into your home, and the hearth is the heart of every home. In days of old, this was the center of all homemaking duties. In flickers and flames, you see our forms a-dancing and a-prancing, cooking your food and heating your pots. We are the Salamanders and we know we are HOT! Make your home fires with care and give love to every stick. The hearth of your homefires will crackle, not roar. When tempers swell, we can be called hell, and some have mistaken our purifying flames as eternal unforgiving damnation. The only hell there ever was or ever will be is the one humans make in their own minds or unforgiving hearts.
We are here to purify and bring the spark of life and to illuminate lost souls that have forgotten the original promise humans made to Creation. When you play with fire you play with us. Like children, humankind has tried to harness our energies and use us as a threat to keep other humans in line. Oh you’re of such little minds, do you really think that you can harness life’s spark of Creation without it backfiring on you? Your war machines, your defenses against one another – do you not see that creation turns to destruction when handled only with hate and greed?
Learn to tamper the fiery words, for we are the Salamanders, and it’s high time we are heard! Angels of fire we are sometimes called. We are also known as little devils when we go out of control. But the true control that man/woman needs now is not over other people or other countries and situations, but over his/ her own inner nature. This will set things right . So use us like the hearth of the home to add warmth and nourishment to your world and to each other. Use us to purify yourself to light the candle of understanding in your heart, for we are the Salamanders and this is our part.

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