The Gnomes…….The Earth Spirit


Look deeply into this image and you will see the profile of the Earth Spirit.

We are the Gnomes and Earth is our home. .We are the guardians of Earth’s treasure. Our Mother’s worth is beyond measure and showering her treasure is indeed her pleasure.

The Earth Mother has bounty for the many who live, but very few humans have learned how to give.

There are those who merely take. They do not care for the poor Mother’s sake.

Nourish Earth’s garden with the understanding of her worth – This Holy Mother is trying to give birth. She is shedding old forms that do not serve her well. This ancient planet has her own story to tell. “Listen my children and listen you must. You’ve poisoned my soil. You’ve dug big holes in my crust. My garments have been torn, my breasts have become bare. More people need to listen, more humans need to care. How can you see my beauty? How can you hear my song? I have become unsightly and you must know that this is wrong.”

We the gnomes have a request for you: distribute her riches. Contribute to the Mother’s wealth. Believe us, people, it would be good for your health. Replant her forest, grow food without spray – then this planet can be a good place for your children to stay.

It’s time to use wisdom in all that you do. It’s time to distribute the wealth not just be given to a few.

We are the Gnomes. We bid you a due – please do your part to make the Mother brand new.


This little tree spirit is screaming because the forest he lives in is dying from acid rain…photo taken in Pac du St. Cloud outside of Paris, France.

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