The Undines – The Spirits of Water


Undine Sighting in fountain in Bali

written in 1990

We are the Undines and sweetly we speak, we flow like a river where we can emotionally meet. We are the waves that splash on the shore. We want to touch your emotional core. Droplets of water from the sky, reflecting mirrors of asking “Why?” Are you watching your mind like a muddy old stream? It’s time for us to look within and get everything clean.

We are Mother Earth’s Bloodstream.

We are her Life Giving Source

Polluted we are like the emotions of man and it’s getting pretty hard to find a good drink unless it’s in a bottle or can. Wouldn’t you think that your Sacred Water’s Source would be spared instead of always changing our course? We are dammed up and diverted all over the place. Stagnation and pollution – it’s such a disgrace. We are the Reflecting Mirrors of the emotions of man. And what been going on is not a part of Mother Nature’s  plan.

We are a reflection of humanity collective image, you see? Is it clear?  muddy? or polluted? Or are we in an emotional drought?  It’s time to clean up from within and then from without. Floods and storms that wash everything away, it’s the collective’s emotional storage that’s trying to give way.

Please become expressive of your own emotional needs. Do not be dry or parched, but be loving and giving to every soul’s heart. Look for the thirsty that needs a spiritual drink. There are many out there that are on an emotional brink.   Baptismal Angels, we are clearing the way.

Healing Waters can teach us how to pray

 Singing Sirens.

Let us sing a New Song. 

Are your emotions all stormy and wild to see? Or have you become polluted and drowning in hate and greed? Please cleanse your emotions before it’s too late. Fountains of forgiveness, washing away all your doubts. It’s time to grow up humanity much too old to pout.

Give love freely to help all things grow. We are the Undines and we can teach you how to flow. We give to all living things  humans, plants, and animals  … we are that Life-Giving Juice. Now it is not time for human’s emotional abuse.

We are the bloodstream of the Earth Mother the very  Life-Giving Source. We are the Undines and this is our discourse.  Go deep and draw from the Well of  your Own Inner Light, Calm the emotions, be like a Clear Mountain Lake for here on Earth we have lots that is at stake.

Do not be dammed up, holding all things inside, but let your tears be shed from deep within.  When we take the time to cleanse our soul and heal our wounds, then each one of us will become more in tune.

The income and outcome are one and the same. Let human kind get beyond their emotional games. Allow love and kindness become the Holy Rule, for the Undines this is really quite cool. We are the Undines, splashing away and we offer these words flowing  your way.


Fairy coming in for a landing reflection of little gnomes in water in blue light. Photo taken south of Mt. Shasta Calif.

unicorn reflects-2

Sky reflected in water see the unicorn..his horn is between the green trees

Simple Daily Water Offering

To appease the Spirit of Water


All the Divinities who govern the Water

On behave of Humanity please accept this offering

On behave of Humanity

I apologize for the pollution of the Sacred Elements.

Please accept this offering.

This is said over a clean bowl of water then put outside in a garden or a place it will not be disturb. I usually only use a bowl that is set aside just for offerings water and nothing else.

In the beginning of doing offerings one might think not much is happening but when said daily you will develop a Sacred Connection with Nature. You will find you are giving teaching by Mother Nature Herself.

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