Thunder Beings Speak


Lightening and wind, let the holy thunder roll. Praise these sacred elements that water the thirsty earth. Heaven’s grace sings through these things for the beholder who opens his eyes to see the spirit within all things.

The thirsty Earth cries for Father Sky’s love to shed upon her. Water this Holy Land and wash away Earth’s misery. Wash away our confused minds and destructive thoughts. Let the lightnings, thunder, wind and rain wash clean our negativity to let Earth have a fresh new start.. Reweave the thoughts in the Holy Mind. Bring the Great Creator’s Holy purpose forward. It is up to you and me to change this Earth. The elements of nature’s power shall make the unholy bow in humbleness before her.

Man, do not tamper with the Natural Law, for nature shall overcome and purify herself. May we as the human race begin to live with Nature and work with our natural environment. Give prayer and thanksgiving for all the gifts this Sacred Earth and Sacred Sky have given us.

Holy Thunder, I hear you crack and roll.

Sacred Rain, I thank you for the Water of Life.

By Raylene Abbott

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