Ramblings of a Wandering Mystic.

Reflection from the inside mirror. I was reflecting this week about GMO Seeds. What was this outer expression in the world really saying to the inner expression collective whole? Then it came to me that we all need to return to our own inner original seed pattern…or some may call your soul’s blue print. Each one of us is unique and have talents to share with the world. When we listen to our inner silent heart we can begin to express the original seed of our TRUE NATURE and what we have come here to do…..When more of us do this together as a WHOLE….then the powers that seem to be shall change…..And I do mean bee because we would all like to see open pollination in this world. Staying OPEN no matter what the appearance look like. The bees can teach us about going to Essence of the flower…and even rising above the sting of Life to return to the sweetness of your Inner Self or our No Self for you BIG VOID LOVERS. May we all be who we are and stand up and be counted. Our Planet is depending on us to do so.


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  1. Wonderful reflections. May we all “bee” who we are and stand up and be counted. The constant ringing in my left ear, reminds me of such. Thanks for the writing, and the “beeing”. ❤


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