Truth in Wine

I am the passion you sing in your songs.
I am the face whose dropped her human disguise
My love is wild untamed and holds you without blame.
I am the longing you hide deep in your heart.
I am the wine who been pressed from the grapes.
Whose ripen on the vine .
Aged in Oak Barrels in the hollowness of the soul.
One sip of such love, one is never the same.
Crafted by the souls experiences scattered by the winds.
Through out time and space.
This lingering of love that leaves no trace.
The door is open the chances are few.
To taste such wine that been mixed by the Divine.
I am that love that you may pass.
But this is the type of love that ever last.
And when our bones become dust in the wind….
This is the Divine Love that starts all over again.
By Raylene Abbott Full Moon in June 2015

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