How to See the Elementals



I started seeing the aura of Nature Spirits when I was 23 years old, in those days I was thought of being a bit strange to my friends.  So for many years I wanted other’s to see into the World of the Fee. I found if one adjust the way they look at nature a little you can begin to see into the in between world.

If you just look from a different angle or in a different light of day the Elementals will start to reveal their self to you. This series of image are taken from that different angle of seeing. One has to look deeper into the moss growing on the rocks. Or the clouds in the sky or even the reflection of sunlight or moonlight on water. When one see in this way the door of the Elemental Kingdom is opened. It also helps having the eyes of a child and a pure heart that still believes that the world is magical place. It is from this perception  the wind becomes  alive, the trees talk, flower sing in the sunshine and fairy dust just might be mushroom spores exploding in the air. The following photographs I took in St.Cloud outside of Paris, France,  Menton,   France,  California Redwoods,  Java,  Mt Shasta California and the Hills of Marin County some of my favorite places to live.

Yes, I do believe in Fairies I do I do I do….Peter Pan!


Trees do talk. Tree language is different.

Do you see the tree spirit? It has an open mouth and one eye.

Les arbres parlent. La langue d’arbre est différente. Voyez-vous l’esprit d’arbre ? Il a une bouche ouverte et un oeil.


This is a Fairy Woman with long hair. Look at the white fungus on the tree this is where you will see her image, can you see her profile. She has long hair blowing in the wind. She is going somewhere.

Ceci est une Femme de Fée avec les cheveux longs. Nous pouvons voir son profil. Elle a des cheveux longs enfonçant le vent. Elle va quelque part.


Trees do have ears. Trees can hear every word we say. Do you see the funny face here? The Trees Spirits ear is at the left from the center of the image.

Les arbres ont des oreilles. Les arbres peuvent entendre chaque mot que nous disons. Voyez-vous le visage drôle ici ? L’oreille d’Esprits d’Arbres est à la gauche du centre de l’image.


This is the Man of the Woods. We can see the profile of his head. He wears a hat. He has a beard.

Ceci est l’Homme des Bois. Nous pouvons voir le profil de sa tête. Il porte un chapeau. Il a une barbe.



june 086

A unicorn cloud flies through the air with the greatest of ease.


I take photographs of sunlight reflecting on water. The inner worlds are revealed. So you see the gnomes and the fairy of light? Even an old stick turned into a Magic Wand.

Je prends des images de lumière du soleil qui réfléchit à l’eau. Les mondes intérieurs de lumière et d’eau sont révélés. Donc vous voyez les gnomes et la fée qui volent de lumière ?


Fire Dragon


Undine Blessing


Redwood Tree Elves look at their profiles


The sylphs turn into a Sky Dragon


Naga Spirit in a Tree


Look for the madrone gnome….he is in profile with a cap…look closely

If you like share the World of the Fee with your children or grandchildren

A True Fairytale.

Or if you like to learn how to work and heal with the Nature Spirits

Earth Healing

Last and surely not least here is more photos I have taken of Nature Spirits.

fairies caught on camera

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