Black Virgin Pilgrimages in the Americas



Pilgrimages is a tool to our awakening.  A pilgrimage can be going to a  Sacred Site in Nature or visiting a shrine. When pilgrimage is done with pure attention to grow, heal, or a selfless intention it makes the mundane a magical journey into deepened understand.

I like to share the following quote from my book. :

“Sacred Pilgrimage is both an inner and outer journey. It is designed to open us up to awakening and seeing life from a sacred point of view.  A pilgrim may begin the journey because he or she is in need of a healing (such as a pilgrimage to Lourdes). However, what makes a journey sacred is the focus and intensity of a pilgrim’s prayer, meditation and purpose.

Every Sacred Site has its own history and vibration. If you can understand the power of a particular site, then you can begin to understand how to align yourself with the site you are visiting. This book will be a guide to understanding both the vibration and also the ley-lines of the lands. It is very important to understand the power of the land that creates a Sacred Site.

You could also become aware of your inner process before you visit a site. I have found many times that when a particular issue within needs healing, it will arise the day or night before I visit the site. Because of this I usually pray or meditate the evening before. This prepares me for initiation.

I am very watchful for outer symbols along the way when I approach a site. When you arrive at your destination, take your time to really meditate and pray. Many times I have seen tourists come and go into the cathedrals without ever really sitting down and feeling and seeing what is really before them. It is through silent meditation and prayer that the Sacred will be revealed to you.  It is more important to visit one place and have a deep experience of healing then visit a dozen places quickly and only walk away with a few photographs and no understanding of where you have been.”

I want to begin to start a list of pilgrimage sites in the Americas that contain Black Virgins for those who would like to have their experiences of going on pilgrimage without going over seas is the purpose of this post.

Ean Begg author of “The Cult of the Black Virgin” put together a very good list in his book published in 1985 but many of these sites have been closed to the public or no longer have statues . This is a listing of  Black Virgin Sites in France. So be sure to call before hand. I made the mistake a few times and followed Ean Begg book drove miles to find the church closed or the Statue was no longer there. If you buy this book make sure you get an older copy since the new books no longer have the Sacred Site list in the back of the book.

The following list is Sacred Sites of the Black Virgin in the Americas. Follow the links on each listing.


Madonna Rock in Sedona AZ

The Black Virgin is the Earth herself.  The Sacred Site Chimayo in New Mexico is a pilgrimage to the navel of the Black Virgin.

The Madonna Trail in Sedona,  AZ. brings you to an area where the elements themselves have shaped the rocks in the form of a natural Madonna and Child.

La Conquistadora in Santa Fe, New Mexico  is the oldest Madonna in the Americas she at one time was a Black Virgin that was painted over.

Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico is linked to the Black Virgin in Italy. There is not a Black Virgin in this Chapel, but it is worth the visit.

Primative  Lady Guadalupe on Hwy 40 in New Mexico.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Thornton, California is an amazing place to visit during  October or early November when they have the Holy Ghost Society Celebration.

St. Vincent Chapel in Marinwood, California has some beautiful stainless windows but my favorite is of Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Christ. The quality of these windows are as beautiful as anything I have seen in France. Mary Magdalene is considered part of the Black Madonna Lineage.

Modern Day Black Virgins paintings  can be found in Fairfax, California at the Fairfax Community Church. I had the privilege to meet their pastor Katharine Harts  . This Church has one of the only Organic Senior Food Programs in the USA.  This church also runs a parallel with an ancient rock ridge ley-line. The Native Miwoks  used this rock ridge for acorn grinding to feed they tribe. I found seven different acorn grinding holes in this area. I find it interesting that Katharine has chosen a health food program for her congregation, which follows the ancient tradition of feeding the tribe . Two different  Black Madonna painting are hanging in the church. The Black Madonna’s fertile  power graces this Earth with Plenty. Warning  be very careful if you visit this rock ridge it has rattlesnake living and protecting this Sacred Site.

St Raphael Mission in San Raphael is the Angel of Healing . Marin County has more healers per square foot then any other county in California.  There is a very old wooden statue of Our Lady Guadalupe  between the small mission chapel and the gift show which I would consider a Black Virgin.  This shrine might go unnoticed my many of the visitors of the mission but the weather stained statue is a great example of what they often considered a Black Virgins in France.  I would suggest to bring a small bouquet of flowers to place at her feet.

The Oldest Lady Guadalupe shrine is found in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only is it the oldest shrine to Our Lady in the USA, but there is also a very good example of an image of Guadalupe that has been painted very dark black rather then brown in the church.

The Mission San Fernando  has a small replica of the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Montserrat, the original found in Spain. This Black Virgin is found over the doorway of the chapel before you enter the mission garden.

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco California has a painting of a Black Magdalene holding an egg. This church also has Cathedral Labyrinth that is modeled after the one in Chartres Cathedral in France.

Our Lady of La Leche shrine in St. Augustine, FL,  I came across 34 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter Selene. Even though there is not a Black Virgin in this shrine it is one of the older shrines in the USA. It is the shrine to Our Lady of Breast feeding and Happy Delivery, after my visit to this shrine I was blessed with my daughter begin born at birth on Mother’s Day.

Our Lady of Czestochowa shrine can be found  in the foothills of the Ozarks Mountains where the garden have been dedicated to the Madonna.  (I have not visited this Sacred Site)

The Gnostic Church  in Redwood City CA. minister is Tau Rosamond Miller. This small chapel has some the most beautiful Black Madonna art that I have seen in the USA. The Gnostic Sanctuary Holy Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday at 10:30 AM. This is one of the truest root of Mary Magdalene that can be found in the USA and France, very much worth the visit. Contact

Black Virgin site that use to be in New York City, in the early twentieth century, Sicilian immigrants established a storefront chapel for the Black Madonna del Tinder in Manhattan’s East Village.

Our of Lady of Loretto can be found in the hills outside of Vacaville at the Silent Stay Hermitage Retreat in the private collection of Ruth and Bruce Davis. Last year I had the rare privilege to sit with one of the Icons that had mysteriously manifested water in a sealed statue during the time of the California drought. Then as mysteriously as the water came it also disappeared.  I am happy to say this season California has more rain and snowfall this year.

Our Lady Regla Miami, Fl. *** three stars!


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