Winter Blues


When I was the 33 years old I had an experience that shot my idealistic dreams in the foot.   I was devastated at the time finding all my castle in the sand had been washed away at my feet.  I was living in upstate New York and I had an older friend that lived in NYC his name was Richard Snibbe.  He was one of Manhattan great architects of the 70s and 80s.

I meet Snibbe when he was past seventy. He was wise for his years and I would say he had a wild streak up his back which made him that much more endearing to me.   Thirty-three years old I still had stars in my eyes, I was very naive and still wet behind my ears they would say.  Even now at 63 years old I am the type to keep my rose colored glasses on, even in the face of grave circumstances, but that is my nature.

Nevertheless, Snibbe imparted a piece of wisdom to me one winter afternoon when I was so dis-heartened by life that even to this day his words echo in my mind. When I  found life a bit to much to bear.  Snibbe told me “When you are depressed go out learn something new.”  Depression is a result of life disappointment being stack up against you  or finding yourself in repetition of old patterns that you find no way out of. Of course one needs to process grief, loss and old patterns, this is necessary for the dark night of the soul.  But one does not have to live there permanently.

I did take Snibbe’s advice at the tender age of 33 and found a book that taught me how to make flower essences.  Once I made my first flower essence I was on fire. This small little step opened me up to the archetypes Nature’s Flora that I still use to this day. I remember the first flower I had made was a periwinkle flower, known in France as Le sorrier violate  “sorcerer violet”.  It was known for promoting Happiness in the language of flowers.  This little flower taught me how to closely to observe and listen to Mother Nature. I looked at it’s colors, the way it grew and the five pointed star that was it’s center. It also gave me a song the first time I made an Essence from it’s flowers.

But the true Sorcerer in this story was Snibbe who imparted his wisdom to me when I had temporally lost all hope with his words go learn something new. And so I did and I found myself making flower essence for the next 15 years.  A whole new way of creating was opened up to me and at the flower essence wisdom I still use to this very day.

Thank you Snibbe for your guidance, your wisdom and the love you showed me when I lost hope and I hope now your words will inspire others do go do the same.



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