A Treasure Trove of Lady Bugs


There is a secret place around Mt Shasta I try to return to each January, if I am in the area. This place is very near where two rivers meet.  Where two rivers meet is a place of power in Mother Nature.  It is where the great elemental forces come together. This is such a place. When the snow melts and the sunshine warms the Earth just a little, zillions of lady bugs hatch out at this time of the year. It is pure Mother Nature Magic. And what is more favorable to a rose gardener then the humble lady bug, who feed on aphids and feast on hundreds of aphids every day.  Well I just hit the treasure trove today.


Lady Bugs are symbol of Good Luck and is consider as love medicine in some cultures. They were dedicated to the Virgin Mary, because in Europe, during the Middle Ages, swarms of insects were destroying the crops. Prayers were said to the Virgin Mary for help. The Ladybugs came, as an answer to their prayers and feasted on insects that were destroying the crops. The Ladybug bears the title Lady after the Virgin Mary.




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