Bridget of the Healing Springs


Bridget has long been known to bring her blessings to Healing Springs and Sacred Wells. It is custom in Ireland if one is sick in body, heart or mind, to leave  strip of cloth at the Holy Springs of  Bridget and as the cloth becomes worn by the Elemental Forces the healing for the person will take place.

Poets, writers, and bards of old use to leave a pure white linen cloth outside in the morning dew on St Bridget’s Eve the evening of February 1 st . The morning dew was thought to be Bridget’s Blessing. They would bring the linen cloth in and wrap their song book, or writing paper for the Muse’s Blessing through out the year.

The following poetry is both mine and some from ancient Ireland that was said to honor the Goddess Bridget.


Healing Springs in Shasta High Alpine Meadows


Bridget of the Healing Springs

By Raylene Abbott

Bridget Bright and Bridget fare I call upon you from those who care.

Bless this water with your healing grace.

May every drop bring healing for all those who taste.

Lay you mantle upon this land I dedicate it to God’s command.

Blessed Mother one, two and three, I honor thee please help me see.

Lift the spirits that may be full of woe, I ask of you may all evil go!

May every atom be filled with Light, May this sparkling water sing with delight.

May the little sprites be blessed too, flowers and fauns and blades of grass may this

Blessing ever last.

So Bridget Bright and  Bridget fare I consecrate this Water in they Holy name Bless

it with your Holy Flame.

Healing the sick, clearing the mind and Blessing the body from all that binds.

I ask you now to let your Blessings flow.

In the name of the Holy Mother one, two and three let this be.


Old Irish Pray to Bridget 

author unknown

Bridget of the mantle encompass us.

Lady of the Lambs protect us.

Keeper of the Hearth kindle us.

Beneath you mantle gather us.

And restore us to memory.

Mother of Mothers Foremothers strong

Guide our hands in yours.

Remind us how to kindle the hearth.

To keep it bright to preserve the flame.

Your hand upon

our hands within yours.

To kindle the Light both day and night.

The mantle of Bridget about us.

The memory of Bridget within

Keep us from harm, from ignorance, from heartlessness.

This day and night from dawn till dark from dark to dawn.




Old Irish Blessing

author unknown

Bridget of the Mantle.

Bridget of the peat heap.

Bridget of the augury.

 Bridget of the white palms.

Bridget of calmness.

Bridget of kindness.

Bridge of the Kine.


Saint Bridget Cross

Old Irish Evening Hearth Blessing to Bridget

Bridget preserve the fire as you preserve us all.

Bridget may it’s warm remain in our midst, as you are always among us.

Bridget, may it rise to life in the mornings you raise us to live.

Soul Sessions with Raylene


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