Rose Achlemy

When the freezing weather came this fall I decided to put my potted roses in the basement since I felt there was a chance of losing the roses living in pots, rather then the ground. Today I went down to water the roses for the first time since November. And to my surprise there were two long white canes and two rose buds growing in the dark basement. Their leaves almost whitish pink from the lack of sunlight, but they were growing strong. So I pulled the pots out and then put them in a sunny window upstairs. Now we will see what happens next. I can’t tell you how much joy this gave me to be pulling roses out of the darkness.


Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago of finding the roses in our dark basement with ghostly white stems. Well I brought them upstairs in a sunny window. I tenderly cared for them feeding them seaweed. Slowly the stems and leaves turned green and today the first rose bloom. It is a pale peachy color. The rose is called a {Dream Come True}. And the second rose is almost ready to bloom also. Now for me this is a Miracle of Mid January. Here in the Northwest the winters are cold with the wildest howling winds and I have this little miracle in my sunny window, it just makes me smile


Full Moon Love Alchemy.

You may remember the roses that grew from the dark basement and bloomed this week. Well tonight I took the roses to one more stage. Since there were only two roses I mixed them with helichrysum italics which is often called immortelle in France and Italy. I grew the herb myself in my garden. I put it into my copper still and made rose immortelle flower hydrosol water tonight. And this is the thoughts I had around the whole process.


Which I call:

Loving Ever After
All stories have a beginning and an end. Some stories never get told. We are feed from childhood fairytales that we all would like to live happily ever after. The Prince finds the Princess and they ride off in the sunset on a white horse to live out many great adventures.
But life is not always set up this way. We are all suffering the wounding of disappointments. We all fall under the shadow of genetical patterns we are working through in this human condition. Those pattern sometimes teach us that love is not a safe adventure, so we shut down not willing to risk the deeper lessons of intimate love.
Loving someone does not always mean staying together when it is not the best thing to do for both parties growth and happiness. We need to know how to love ourself first before we can truly love another. And out of that self love we can make healthy choices in our relationships and for ourself. And along the way of learning self love we are sometimes faced with hard choices to make. Self sacrificing is not the path to self love.
We can begin to look deeply into our own human condition and then we can see into the mirror of another person’s conditioning. Then we can make the realization some of the bad things that happen in our life aren’t necessarily about you but about another person’s conditioning colliding into your human conditioning. When this happens we are given the bigger view. We can process our own experiences into the very Heart Essence.
We can begin to learn to be fearless. To open our heart to intimate love. this is when we learn that ever story can become Unconditional Loving Ever After. There is no end in love. The opening to love when it is processed and distilled to the very Essence of Love Unconditional then we can bathe in the Bliss of
Loving Ever After


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