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Bridget’s Cross

Today is the Eve of Saint Bridget’s day and I wanted to share a few things I do each year for the Blessings of the Muse.  Link more about Bridget  

I usually make a Bridget Cross traditionally made from rushes in Ireland. But last year I found myself in the desert and bull rushes were no where to be found. The desert yucca plant also known as the Lord’s Candle leaves became a very good substitute. Yucca was used my the Native Americans to make everything from ladders, shoes, mats and even used as a shampoo. The Spanish gave it the name  “Our Lords Candle” because when it flowered it looked like a candelabra. Yucca’s leaves are very easy to weave and can be fashioned into a nice Bridget’s Cross. This cross is placed over the door of the house to bring blessings into the house for the coming year.


Yucca in the Winter Garden

The next thing I do on the Eve of Saint Bridget’s day is make an offering outside of cream and sometimes with a little butter for the Nature’s Spirits.  Then I place a clean white linen cloth to collect the morning dew or the frost if you live in the Northwest.


My Poetry Book Wrapped in Linen

I guess this dew blessing collected on the linen cloth is away to water the seeds of creativity for writers, poets, craftsmen, and anyone who works with metal.  Bridget’s Day marks the spark that stirs within the seeds underground….but also the seeds of your own creativity.


When the morning comes I gather up the cloth and it can be place in your journal or poetry book for inspiration for the coming year.  Happy Bridget’s Day!

How to make Saint Bridge


link to Festivals of the Goddess







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