The Blessings of the Springs


Part of my job description is to visit and bless all fresh water springs.  This is not something someone tells me to do but something deep in my heart that I need to do because it calls to me.  This has been my way since I can remember, to wander in the forest, walk the high mountain trails, to listen to the wind that softly whispers and makes the mighty trees sigh. This is my world. This is what feeds the depth of my soul. It is my class room where I learn from the tiny flower, whose star like center reflect the very heavens in the sky. I love the dew drops that are like jewels on a diamond bracelet of Mother Nature.

I listen to the winter wind that blows through the cracks in the window. She teaches me of how storms clear way the dead wood. Then the winter winds laughs, telling me it is this way in my life too. The wind reminds me to let go of things I no longer need.  She reminds me of the promise of spring, and how the life force surges through every blade of grass and how what might seem dead can be restored to blossom in the most unusual circumstances.

She teaches me to trust what I cannot see and that I really know very little in the Greater Scheme of all  things.  Oh yes I have my glimpse into the big view..but this never makes me all knowing.  And when I stand on the edge of the cliff of not knowing will I fall or will I fly….I take one more deep breath and know I am a child of this Great Mother made of star dust. And even though this body might die some day,  this heart that truly loves no matter what has taken place this is what remains. This ego is learning how to bend like willow bowing its head as the river of life passes by.

These are my teachers who quietly teach me when I take the time to listen and give up my self importance.  This is my world and this is my life and love is the only compass I have that carries me though this life I have no map for.

Categories: Sacred Places


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  2. Love Deva Rose Petal….thank you for just being who your are.

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