Vision at the Maiden Stone



Our woman’s circle wanted to go deeper into our healing and growth, so a friend and I got together and rented a chalet at a local hot springs spa. The workshop focused on dream work and on sharing openly with each other about our own sexual healing. The chalet had a hot tub, and a big kitchen where we could create herbal cosmetics and healthy food. To help release blocks in the physical, each woman was given an herbal body scrub, a flower facial, and a massage. Herbal bathing in the hot tub released tensions, which helped everyone to be relaxed within their personal process.

After the third day, we all were ready for a nature walk (taking advantage of my special expertise, which is in wild herbs and flowers, and the symbolic meanings written within nature). We hiked together as a group until we came to a clearing on a grassy hill. I asked that each woman find something in nature that spoke to her, whether it be a rock or flower, or a place that felt comfortable. And I asked that when they found their place, they become very receptive to what nature conveyed to them.

The women wandered off in different directions, and I headed up the hill to where a rock outcropping beckoned me. Two large rocks joined together in a yoni (vagina) shape. I jumped up on the rock yoni and straddled my feet on the two rocks that formed the vulva. Joining the rocks together was a clitoris-like rock. As I placed my foot upon it, it moved freely and made a clapping sound like a drum beat.

By this time, one of the women heard me rocking the clitoris stone back and forth, and wandered over to see what I was doing. We both stood on the rock yoni and power began to surge up from the Mother Earth. We had definitely found something! I rocked the clapping clitoris with the beat of my foot, and I began to have a vision.

I saw Indian women come out of the hills from miles around, responding to the beat of the rocks. At the same time, the women in our group all heard my rock call and came together around the natural yoni shrine. The women and the invisible Indian guests were now gathered together. One by one, each woman stood on the yoni stone and felt the power-surge come into her body. (It was easy to see how comfortable or uncomfortable each woman was with her body and with her power.) The rest of us cheered each woman on as she took her turn becoming empowered by this special place in nature.

I had heard of maiden stones in both Native American and Celtic stories; many ancient European tribal societies also had fertility stones where women would gather to be empowered with womb wisdom. But this was the first time that I actually experienced such a place. It was an unexpected blessing for our woman’s lodge, and the Native Grandmothers invisibly standing by were giving their approval.


This took place in 1989 in the hills of Harbin Hot Springs.

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