La Vierge Noire des Séquoias

The Black Virgin of the Redwoods
I found this Black Virgin on a tree today as I entered the Redwood Forest outside of Willits. The last time I was in this forest it was severe drought and the stream was a dried bed. Today I went walked by the stream as it happily sang it’s heart’s song, in less then one year prayers have been answered, the rains have come.


The Black Virgin of the Redwoods Forest

Back at” La fort de la Vierge Noire” The Forest of the Black Virgin I found many tricky fairy folk that lived there. I always carry on my purse a little red heart pocket that is filled with little charms and Holy Medals from Sacred Places which time to time I offer. This place was an enchanted woods filled with elementals. Some how the heart purse came open and fairy treasures were strewn all over the forest floor. I lost better then half of them. But what do I expect adventuring in such a place. Where fairy thieves and wild elementals made there home. It not that I did not enter the forest properly…addressing such a crowd with great dignity…but they were out to open my heart and steal all my booty…at last they did leave me a few things a silver magic lamp, my flower of life medal and a few miraculous medals from Paris…They made off with the rest. Mary medals from Italy, a charm that actually look like a treasure trove. All in miniature it was. And yes this is a true fairy tale and actually happened. But what am I to say sometimes one has to just open there heart and let their little treasure go. I was happy it was raining. And that was the treasure of the fairy folk returned.

cropped-image42.jpgThis forest was loaded with fairy-folk


My heart purse is fashioned after what they used to carry holy relics in Medieval Europe on the pilgrimage route. I purchased it when I visited the Medieval Town of Chartres.


After being robbed blind of two silver angel earrings and handful of Mary Medals from Paris I was left with the flower of life and my magic lamp.

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