Sweet Violets

WOW! yesterday I saw so many violets blooming in a friend’s yard. The precious scent of viola odorata can only be smelled if you get down on your hands and knees and put your nose in the flowers…but so worth it when you catch its sweet smell. The French made violet water capturing it’s sweet scent and also produced a violet syrup and even candied it’s flowers. The violet flower was recognized in ancient Greece and was the symbol of Athens. It’s scent suggested sex, so the violet became one of the flowers of Aphrodite. But on the other hand in medieval days Viola odotata became one of the Virgin Mary’s flowers known as Our Lady’s Modesty. I guess this all depended on what one is praying for. It is February birth flower for all you born in this month. And the following flower poem came to me one day down when I was on my hand’s and knees sniffing violets.

Sweet little violets come to me, teaching me the lessons of humility.
Fairies, oh fairies, they hid away, in between the grasses they like to play.
Sweet little violets, on the purple ray, teach me to go in and silently pray.
Heart-shaped leaves hug the earth, singing the songs of her blessed worth.
Sweet little violets, circle my heart, teaching us we all have a sacred part.
Some are large, and others very small, but in the circle the Creator knows all.
Sweet little violets come to me, teaching me the lessons of humility.
By Raylene Abbott


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