Goddess Temple at the Wellsprings

The Head of the Female Dragon lineIMG_20160319_162034069.jpg

I live in a small mountain town and sometimes for me I just need to spread my wings a bit and get out of Dodge.  It was one of those days yesterday and I did not plans what so ever to  go over the Siskiyou Mountains but my truck just started driving me that way.  I found myself in Ashland Oregon at the Goddess Temple at the Wellsprings Mineral Spa.  There was a garden work party going on and I was not really dressed for the event since I was in the no-plans type of mode, but there was Shelley Sage Heart working at the Moon Garden.  Shelley is a beautiful soul with a heart as big as the sky. She is an Earth Mama arch-type that is not afraid to get her hands in the soil and go deep with whatever she is doing.  We had talked on several occasions about what I do, which is read the natural  arch-types found in the land either through flowers, plants and my all time favorite dragon-lines better known as the ley of the land.

Shelley greeted me with all the warmth and acceptance expected when meeting another Earth Mama. She immediately asked me if I could read the land and I was more then happy to oblige.  We began by standing on the little stream that runs through the land which is connected to the large mineral springs that is the source of the Wellsprings. Wellsprings is located outside the town of Ashland. This Sacred Ground has been known as ancient healing springs of different Native American tribes.  It was said this was a place of peace and healing for the Native Tribes and when they came to this Sacred Ground even tribes that may have been enemies would be at peace with each other.  One should remember in some of my writings that the Earth is like a big tape recorder and whatever takes place on the Earth is actually on one level recorded on the land for the good or for bad.  So in some ways Well Springs has this ancient memory of a place of Peace and of Healing.

Shelley and I were standing on a little bridge and I looked up at an outcropping of rocks and knew I was looking at the back of dragon mound, but I had to find the head and its eye to be sure of its identification. The Chinese Feng Shui Masters that had the knowledge of how to build and work with the dragon lines of the land always considered you have to find the dragon’s eye to identify a ley-line.  I found the dragon head which was amongst some blackberry canes that had just been cut back.  Then with my body and my movements I should Shelley how the dragon chi was moving through this area of the land. The Dragon’s body was in the form of moss covered rocks that would rises and then would return beneath the earth and rise again. When the dragon’s body rose again it would  coming up as a rock cropping of the dragons back and dip into the earth and rise again forming the dragons neck and the head which was moving down the landscape towards the fence that enclosed the mineral spring.  Shelley then also with her own body movement moved with the land. She could feel the dragon chi moving through her body. It is in this way one can feel the power of the land. One can also feel where the power of the land may be blocked by moving with the chi of that dragon-lines and movement

There is always two dragon lines one being female and one being male. We can consider the dragon lines being the kundalini of Mother Earth and the area between the dragon lines is known as the wouvier.  Wouvier is a word in the old language of the Gauls meaning a serpent that glides through the Earth.  This is the electromagnetic current that move the fertility through the landscape. When the chi is healthy in such an area you will see the plants and wild life healthy and the water clean and sparkling and abundance. When the chi is stuck in such an area we see land disturbances.  I have seen how in areas where there is healthy dragon-lines businesses can flourish.

Shelley and I made offerings to this dragon-line which has a round shaped dragon head. This made me feel we had found the female line in the landscape because the female dragon lines are much smoother then the male.  Now this line was a dragon line that followed the water on the land…and most likely there are higher dragon lines up the hill above this property but today Shelley and I wanted to identify the female and male dragon-lines that followed the flow of water on the land.  Shelley sense to go down a path that followed the stream so we could find the male dragon-line. When we got mid-way the trees started changing. One tree’s branches and roots began to look very snake like and I pointed out to Shelley this is the wouvier and how the serpentine energy is manifesting in the landscape. Very close to this area we saw a pipe that was up on the hillside and I pointed and said this is the second spring the male dragon-line must be near by.  The landscape of the hill was very delicate and I felt we should not try to climb up the hill but we found that the pipe came to and old spring in the form of an old foundation of some type of fountain that had been forgotten.


What I found interesting of this old foundation of a fountain that it looked like a double throne.  Not that it was intentionally made like this but on some level I felt that this point of the property was the seat where the two dragon lines masculine and feminine meet. And this place on the property was symbolic of all the hopes and wishes of much of the inner work that was taken place at the Goddess Temple and the Men’s Temple on this property and that is the balance between the Masculine and the Feminine. I have found that everything that is happening in a garden, or a piece of property or landscape is reflecting what is actually happening in the community.  The old Feng Shui Master’s understood this and it was by reading the land and making adjustments and improvement that followed the chi of the land that greater harmony could be achieved for both the community and the kingdom. But to do this we have to listen deeply to the land and not impose our linear-plans on the landscape but follow the chi of the landscape.  The person who originally built this fountain had been listening to the land with their heart for intuitively they could feel this was where the male and female energy of the landscape meet. My feeling was to restore and cultivate this area of the land could bring a harmony to the land that has been long forgotten.

But our adventure was not over yet because we had not found the male dragon-line . So we followed the water as we made our way down the path next to the  stream. We came to another out cropping of rocks. These rocks were not as massive as the female dragon line we found close to the main spring. But nevertheless you could see the dragon’s body in the form of mossy rock mounds. I have often found that the Big Mama dragon is larger in the landscape when looking for the lower dragon lines. If we are speaking about high mountain dragon-lines these lines can be massive mountain ridge. But today we are only working with the lower dragon lines that follow the ley of the land and the flow of the water. The head of this dragon-line was harder to make out because it was making a nose dive back into the Earth. But I have found such things in the landscape before but the eye always seems to remain on the surface of the Earth. The Chinese Masters use to dot the eye of the dragon to open the chi power in the land. When this chi is open and moving everything in the landscape flourishes so much more.  Shelley and I once again with our bodies moved with the dragon-line to feel how the chi moved through the land. We could see how both the Male and Female dragon-lines energy meet in the middle of the land at the foundations of the old fountain.


Male Dragon line with head diving down into the Earth

Shelley and I walked back to the garden work party it had been a good exploration for the day.  When the dragon-lines have been identified they should be worked with a sensitivity to heal the landscape and listen to the Earth. The land around these lines should be cultivated carefully and cleared so there are no obstructions of the natural chi flow of the landscape.  Old debree or decaying matter should be removed because this creates what the Chinese call sha energies that brings decay and uneasiness to the landscape. Water ways should be unblocked so the water flow is not stagnate. All of this can create a very positive cycle for both the community and larger community of the town

The dragon-lines are very powerful forces and when done properly cannot only make the land and business flourish but can also effect the surrounding landscape for miles around.  It was a good day.

Land Healing

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