It is in the darkness of the wee hours before dawn is when I lay here and ask life’s bigger questions, what comes up for me in the depth of my soul searching is; What is intimacy? It is something every human being longs for, a closeness, warmth, rapport and togetherness the dictionary says. But what comes up for me when I ask myself this question is; when one can drop the disguise, to be real with who you are in both your glory and imperfection, an acceptance, being naked to your truest feeling and having the courage to touch those feeling inside yourself. It is the soil where the seeds of unconditional love can grow and also be watered. It is a looking at yourself or another with an openness and tenderness that the wounding of the soul can be touched, and healed without the guilt, shame or blame. But more with the realization that the human conditioning is a process to be peeled away so we can look into the mirror of the soul. We first learn to do this with our self and when we can do this with another this is what I call love.


When love is so deep and unconditional it can even over come death, heartache, and life’s all consuming disappointments. Love is the one thing that remains even after death. May we rise in love.

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