Introduction to Alchemical Fairy-tales


I am writing this book as a road map for the a new type of relationship that has been manifesting on the planet in the last several years. These relationship are not your usually type of relationship boy meets girl. The relationships I am talking about take on other dimensions. Often either male or female find themselves in such a relationship and do not know what is happening to them because of the intensity of the spiritual and emotional experience. I had a vision of this nouvelle relationship in 1989, which I wrote about in my book “Between the Visions” which was written in 1997 and was later published in France 2006 under title “L’Emergence de la Femme Divine” and later published in Italy, Turkey and Japan. This book explained my first experience of this type of relationship and the many initiations and experiences I had. Twenty years have passed since I wrote about these Sacred Relationships manifesting through male/female relationships. I have learned many lessons along the way and I am still learning. I have met both women and men that are having these high frequency experiences with no road map for the journey. Some of the signs if you are in this type of relationship are: the experience of meeting the Beloved in the flesh and also as a God Force in the center of the heart.

When a woman of high caliber enters into the life of the man her love may feel like a tsunami wave washing over him which brings him to the very depth of his soul. A woman’s experience may feel as if the outer/inner Beloved are like sunshine blazing through her heart.  And both parties may both experience rapture, ecstasy, cosmic orgasm just by a glance or touch from the Beloved. This all depends how open and sensitive the couple can be to each other and go beyond the fear of the experience of such powerful energy they may find moving through their bodies. The Sacred Relationship I am speaking of has so much energy and love between the couple that the manifestation process is quickened and their creativity becomes a driving force.

These relationships are nothing short of a spiritual experience. But there is also another side of these relationships the annihilation of the emotional ego construction we have built around the wounds of our heart and soul. When this part of the process begins to happen fear sets in and at times one may find one or both parties running in the opposite direction, because the lack of tools and understanding of this deep transformation process.

Through this annihilation process old wounds are exposed so love can heal hurt, regret, guilt, shame, and blame.  Loving-Awareness becomes like a soul balm for deep healing. The sacred couple has the opportunity to practice unconditional love, non judgement, and deep trust that can transform both parties. When the couple have made the commitment to such a Sacred Relationship, Great Love and Awareness opens up to the possibilities to heal our deepest wounds. But in this process both parties need to become responsible to do their own inner work and be authentic in the relationship.

I believe there are traces of such love hidden behind the scene during the era of Courtly Love in France and across Europe in the 12th century. This form of love birthed forth great works of art, music, dance, writing, and poetry. Courtly Love was inspired by the exchange from the poets and adepts of the Middle East during the Crusades. The Grail Knights, the worship of Notre Dame, legends of the relationship between the Magdalene and Christ, and poetry of the Beloveds became a hot bed of unceasing creativity during this time. I have rewritten the traditional fairy-tales in a whimsical fashion that can explain the Sacred Relationship process and act as a road map for transformation for a couple who find themselves in such a situation. And even if one party cannot show up for the transformational process because of the fear of intimacy one can still use the information to cultivate the Inner Beloved that lives in everyone’s inner heart. I am humbled by my own life process and the depth of love and surrender and the grace to experience these type of relationships.  The lessons of the heart I have recently been learning  have taken me beyond my own limitations of what I thought Love is, to a deeper unconditional love. I am not only humble but grateful for all I have received in the process of my own transformation  of “Loving Ever After”

The fairy tales are written in an archetypical way with layers of symbols for the reader to pass through as doorways of into the consciousness of Loving Awareness.

The Prince and Princess in these fairy tales represents the couples connection with their “Higher Self” and the trials and tribulation that one has to go through being a human being and also being in a romantic relationship. I hope these simple stories can act as stepping-stones in the process of discovering Sacred Relationship that are courted with Loving Awareness. And with all this said I present a set fairy-tale called;

{Loving Ever After}


Note: Eleanor of Aquitaine and her daughter Marie de Champagne  established Courtly Love in France during the 12th century.  Marie de Champagne with the help of Andreas Capellanus established the code of Courtly Love in the writing of the book “De Amore”

Eleanor of Aquitaine served both as the Queen of France with Louie VII and later the Queen of England with Henry II.  Eleanor is considered one of the most influential women in Medieval Europe. Marie de Champagne was the daughter of Eleanor and Louie VII. Both women were from the blood-line of the Merovingian Kings of France. This lineage is associated with rumors of being the off-spring of Christ and Mary Magdalene.

All material is the copyrights of Raylene Abbott

My Book on Sacred Relationships

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