Snow-white’s Kiss

Once upon a time after  Prince Charming woke up Snow-white with a sizzling kiss and broke the enchantment of the poison apple is really where our story begins. They had finely found each other, after both of them had gone through their own trails and tribulation in their own personal journey.

Snow-whites beauty was renowned in the kingdom. Her hair being as black as the unconscious mind that the Light is born from, her lips were red as the blood lines that course through her veins. And her skin was white as the first fallen snow. The pure white snow had taught her the lessons of purification which she applied to family patterns she found in her lineage.

The Prince was no slouch himself. He had slayed his own dragons cutting through his unconscious wicked mothering programs and over coming his father the king’s workaholics programs. When the Prince drew his sword of discrimination he saw clearly his own reflection in the mirrored like blade. He knew whoever he pointed his sword towards he was only looking at a part of himself. This made him a very wise monarch in the world and in his kingdom

Snow-white  and the Prince were now ready for the joining of their Sacred Union. Everyone in the kingdom was preparing for this moment when the royal pair were ready to commit to the joining together to do the “Great Work”.

But first the seven dwarfs had a gift they wanted to present to the couple, but this gift would take a little work. The wicked queen’s enchanted mirror had been broken into many sharp and jagged pieces. So very carefully the dwarfs gathered up all the broken pieces one by one. The dwarfs being magical beings and having access to a few of their own magical tools cut all the shards of mirror into many different size ovals. Then with the utmost care the ovals were filed down to be smooth to the touch so they would not hurt anyone. When this was done the dwarfs had many smooth shape oval mirrors. This was a lot of work for the dwarfs but they knew if they performed their task with great care and precision it would be a blessing for many beings.

They then took one of the ovals from the pile of magical mirrors and found another mirror from the pile. They did this again and again until ever oval mirrors had found it’s perfect match. They placed the matching mirrors into little black velvet bags and put them away in a beautifully carved wooden box for another day in the future. They left out two oval mirrors from the wooden box. The two mirrors that were left out were set in precious metal and gem stones. One mirror was set in gold with a ruby and completed with a golden chain. The other mirror was set in silver with a pearl and silver chain. They were placed in one velvet bag but, the bag had two separate compartments. When they drew the string on velvet bag the gift was now all ready.

Sacred Union

The day had come that the Sacred Union between Snow-white and Prince Charming was to take place. It happened not in the grandeur of the castle’s walls but in the forest where Snow-white use to draw water from the wishing well. This was not your ordinary well. This magical well taught Snow-white to draw from the True Source of her being. She had learned to go deep into her emotional body every time she drew water from this well. When she pulled the bucket up from the well she would take time to still herself and look into the water and see her own reflection clearly.

The people of the kingdom started to gather around the sacred grove of the wishing well. The seven dwarfs stood in the inner circle protecting the Sacred Couple in the center of the circle. The first dwarf was name Survival and he wore a bright red cap. The second dwarf’s name was Creativity his hat was bright orange. The third dwarf’s name was Power and his yellow cap was yellow like the sun. The fourth dwarf was named Heart and his green cap was the color of the first shoots of grass that grows in the hills during Springtime. The fifth dwarf’s name was Communication his hat was the color of the clear blue sky. The sixth dwarf name was All Seeing and his cap was as deep indigo blue. And the last dwarf’s name was Wisdom and his cap was purple like a true amethyst gem stone.

Each dwarf carried a blessing for the couple that they would need on the journey of life. Power step forth and then spoke a few words to the couple. “ We the dwarfs give to you our Essence today for your journey into the your relationship. The most important thing with these blessings we give to you today is to have balance with all seven of our gifts. One has to learn to have that balance within their life. Power then put one finger in the air and said “ All power is from the One Source ! And that Source is the Force behind all of life.  Please remember all power is not real power until it has becomes God’s Power ” Then with the most humble bow Power bowed his head and stepped back into the Circle.

Then Heart and Wisdom stepped forward to present the necklaces from the black velvet bag. The golden mirror necklace was presented to the Prince and the silver was presented to Snow-white. The Heart spoke first “your love is filled with passion like the ruby of the golden mirror necklace this passion has drawn the two of you together.”

The Dwarf Creativity all of sudden blew some fairy dust on the garnet of the Prince’s necklace. The Prince and Snow-white looked into each other’s eyes and they found themselves as one flame of passion and desire for each other. “ It was this invisible strong force they felt, like two magnets longing to connect and become one.

Then Wisdom spoke “ But with to so much passion one can become drunk on love. And sometimes one needs a level head. So we have brought the blessing of the coolness of the pearl. The pearl holds a great gift for it’s found in a simple oyster shell. And as the prince may already know it takes going through many oysters to find a true pearl. A pearl was once just a grain of sand that irritated the oyster. Life is also like this and it is through kindness and patients that a pearl can be grown in one’s soul.” The two dwarfs bowed and step back into the circle.

Next All Seeing  stepped forward in-between Snow-white and the Prince and with one finger on both of his hands he activated the mirror necklaces. All Seeing began to speak, “ this was once sharp broken pieces of the magic mirror. But they have now become smoothed and been blessed by all seven of us dwarfs. Today I bring you the blessings to be able to always see the other in your own heart mirror.

Many days this will be easy but when soul lessons arise you may want to fall asleep like you have eaten a piece of the poison apple. Poison apples are filled with reacting rather then responding. But we ask you when this happens take the time to stop and reflect in the quiet place of your heart so you can see clearly inter actions of your Beloved. The Beloved actions are actually touching a part of yourself that needs to be Awakened.

Then the dwarf Communication stepped forward and gently bowed before the couple and said, ” When you have looked into your own heart mirror and have found the wound that has triggered your reactions and have cooled your emotions with the pearl of wisdom, then it will be time to communicate with your Beloved. Do not communicate with blame or angry words but be authentic of how their actions may have hurt you. Communication that is truthful, authentic, kind. Do not be afraid to own up to your part of the story because this can make all the grains of sand in the sea of love turn into pearls. Then Communication the dwarf bowed and stepped back into the circle.

“These necklaces are enter-changeable for sometimes the Prince may want to wear the silver pearl necklace and be receptive like the moon to you Snow-white. And sometimes Snow-white will need the strength of the gold necklace to radiate like the sun. It is important to allow this also to happen in this magnetic union.”  All Seeing  spoke and then stepped back into the circle.

Then Survival stepped forwarded and kneeled down in front of the Sacred Couple and placed his hands on their feet grounding all the blessings from the dwarfs into the couple. Survival was a dwarf of few words all he said was “ Integration”.


The dwarfs gathered around the Sacred Couple, they put their little hands towards the couple and rays of golden light begin to pour into Snow-white and the Prince. Snow-white heart open ever so wide to receive the Prince’s energy. The Prince in returned also open heart ever so deeply.  They became one burning flame, but not the type of flame that burn you.  They were connected together in the seven centers of their bodies. Lights were flashing! stars twinkling and the heavens opened up. Universes merged, changed and transformed all the same time. And the Earth sighed and said to herself at last.

The End.

Note: When the some of the higher order of Knights from the Crusades returned they brought back with them the influence of Eastern thought. These Knights under went mystical initiations that could not be record because of the strong hold of the Catholic Church in Europe. But they found their own way to record the information in the sacred architecture of the great cathedrals.  Their mystical insights understood the importance of the balance of the divine feminine with the divine masculine. The Mystical Rose that is found in the stain glass windows of France is considered the womb of the Holy Virgin.  One of Mary’s titles is the Mystical Rose.  It is the rose that is symbolic of the heart’s opening. It is the rose that knows how to rise above the thorns of love’s lesson and bloom through love. 

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