Unspoken Love

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You split my heart open like a seed breaking its shell.

A raging fire burns .

A sacred flame.

Consumed by such love.

Time and space have gone by.

You have never claimed your prize.

All is perfect

 As I drown in this longing.

My body wants you like the sea longs for a distant shore.

I anchor myself in this bottomless sea of love.

And allow the waves to wear away my desires lost in the sands of time.

There is a part of me that knows you are mine.

Like a puzzle piece that just waiting to fall into its place.

My chest has been blown open by the mirror’s glance.

All I know is surrender


You have never left this heart.

Always here though never seen.

As silent as a whisper.

As sweet as a tear of spring rain.

A stolen kiss.

A kiss received.

Nothing has been lost

Nothing has been gained.

So many love song you have written.

But this song I write to you.

This invisible love that has not been express.

Pleasure and pain a soul’s deepest test.

Your soul travels with mine

Between the worlds of time and space.

Hear this love song carried on the wind.

Listen to this love song whispered in the heart of silence.

When the darkness of night covers you like a blanket of stars.

I haven’t left your side.

I have no where to go.

Because this sweet love has found it’s harbor.

And is waiting for you to return home.


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