Male Sexuality Healing Meditation


I have been teaching womb healing meditation for women since 1988, but when I lived in France men kept expressing their own need for a meditation to heal their sexuality also. So  after much prodding, so to speak, I revised the womb healing meditation in a way it could be used for men’s own sexual clearing. This meditation will help clear and bring awareness into one’s sexual center. It is a guided meditation that one uses your breathe and visualization to clear, connect and release sexual wounding that may have been caused by relationships ..  One’s sexuality is connected with their power, money and vitality.  When one has been hurt or had trauma in relationship concerning these issues they are often register in the sexual center only to be repeated again in one’s next relationship. But with awareness and clearing these patterns can slowly be cleared and healed.

Men’s Sexual Healing Meditation click on the link below;

Meditation for Men


I am sorry I do not work with healing men’s sexuality I feel this is best done in one’s intimate relationship or in sexual therapy, so don’t even ask.  I have offered this meditation from the request of men that have read my books:      My books

Raylene Abbott

All copyrights May 18th 2016



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