Womb Healing Meditation for Women


daf2183c5c95f44b95c65a2984675354This meditation I have been teaching for the last 30 years. It is done sitting up in a quiet place. Please give yourself at least 40 minutes of quiet time for the process. The soundtrack is 32 minutes but a little time after the meditation is good for integration. This meditation is also offered in my book “Between the Visions” link here; My Book in different countries.  Best to use earphones for the meditation.  With the exchange between the sexes there are those times we disenpower each other.  This is something both men and women may do.

This meditation will help you reclaim awareness around  power and creativity. It can help clean old impressions held in your sexuality and rise the vibration and quality of your personal sexual experience if done over a long period of time. Womb healing is a process and this is one tool that can be used to open you to Loving Awareness and Intimacy.

Enjoy the ride.

 Raylene Abbott 

May 18th. 2016

copyrights Raylene Abbott


Sound track click link below

Womb Healing Meditation for Women


Raylene offers healing sessions go to the link below:

Soul and Womb Healing Sessions




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