Princess and the Pea



Once upon a time there was a handsome Prince. He never had any trouble enchanting the fair maidens of the kingdom because he had all the charms a Prince could offer. But even though he had fallen in and out of love many times he never found a pure love that could truly win his heart.

So he would bed a fair maiden, stay a while and move on to his next conquest. But this Prince had a strange sexual fetish each time he slept with a new maiden he would  have a new mattress put on his bed. He then stored the old mattress in one of his royal chambers. Well, over time the royal chamber started to have quite a collection of mattresses and he was running out of room.

But something strange began to happen the more fair maidens he bedded the less his heart would open and the whole idea of conquest began to bore him, because the prince could not feel his heart anymore. His poetry became stale, he had no interest in hunting or the creative arts. It seems all his creativity had gone a muck. He was perplex at his dilemma and just did not know what to do. His way of life always worked for him before but now even beautiful women gave him no pleasure. His senses had become dull.

So the Prince summed the Fairy Godmother for wise council. The Fairy Godmother was a wise fairy and she knew the ways of the subtle planes and what happens when the soul has forgotten its Divine Birthright. So with the tip of the Godmother’s wand she pointed at the prince’s royal member and said this has been your problem my dear Prince. Sex and power are very connected and you have scattered you royal seed into so many different burrows.  You have lost your power to feel or recognize true love.

She then took the Prince to the royal storage room that had all the mattresses piled up to the ceiling. Then the Fairy Godmother began to explain all these mattresses represent one of your conquest with the fair maidens of your  kingdom. What you did not understand as you plowed through the field of pleasure that in the very subtle planes of your body’s interior each woman left behind her impression. The impressions are connected to both pleasure, pain and disappointments of each conquest. Pretty soon there are so many layers of different women in you body you cannot feel a woman energy anymore the road to your heart and the royal member has become blocked.  The Prince all of sudden was flooded by all the different memories of each maiden he had been with and he began to see dark hooks and anchors, and balls of string that had tied up his sexual energy. It was a murky site to say the least.  He became fearful and said to the Fairy Godmother well what do I do?

The Fairy Godmother said only pure love will rid you of such a state. You must connect the royal member to your heart once again. The Godmother tapped her magic wand a couple of times in her hand making sure her magic was strong enough to do the job. She then touched the Prince’s heart with her magic wand and made a few very strong sweeps to the his royal member clearing aways all the left over energy of the different fair maidens.  The Prince’s light became very strong again between his heart and his royal member. She then tapped the Prince’s “All Seeing Eye” between his eye brows and the center of his of crown at the top of his head. Now the light was connected to the royal member, the Prince’s Heart,  his All Seeing Eye, and the center of his Crown. The Godmother smiled slightly and said that should do it. The Prince could feel the power surging back into his body, for now his body, heart soul and sex were connected.

Now the Fairy Godmother said now we need to find you a True Princess one who is willing to learn about unconditional love.  First I want you to prepare a room fit for a Real Princess! Then take all the mattresses and pile one on top of each other.  Then with a blink and a wink the Godmother disappeared. The Prince went to work on his task he painted the walls of the royal bed chamber bought in decorations and magical chandelier. All the crystals of the chandelier had a particular power. When you looked into the chandelier’s crystals it would reflect all those you ever loved. The chandelier reflected with so much light of love one would never feel lonely in its Presence. Then the Prince went through the task of picking up each mattress stacking one on top of the other on the royal bed frame. As he did this he silently forgive himself and each maiden he may of hurt in the process of plowing through the pleasure fields. This took him sometime but afterwards he felt ever so clean and renewed.

When he finished his task the Fairy Godmother reappeared. She had some thing in her hand. It was a perfect pod with two peas. She took one pea out of the pod and put it in the bottom of the bed. And she gave the second pea to the Prince and told him to eat it and so he did.

She then said,  “Invite different maidens to come and spend the night here at the castle making sure you do not take them to your royal bed chambers. But send them to sleep on the many mattresses.  The maiden will then have to climb very high to sleep on this bed.”

A True Princess will have the understanding of Love/Awareness to past the test of feeling the pea beneath the mattresses.  She will also have done her own work to  feel the subtle planes.  A True Princess that will be able to feel the pea.

Many nights went by each night a fair maiden would come sleep in the bed. The next morning the Prince would ask ,”How did you sleep?”  and each time the maiden would say, “I slept great ! such a soft bed you prepared for me.” The Prince would thank them and send them on their way.

Until one stormy night a maiden knocked at the door and the Prince let her in. This Princess knew that only through the storms of life that a soul is truly tested and a lesson learned was a lesson earned.

The Princess was cold and shivering and asked if she could spend the night.  The Prince heart stirred when he looked into the eyes of the wandering maiden. He brought her to the royal chamber and the first thing that she notice was the crystal chandelier and she said, “Oh I feel so much love radiating from this chandelier.” Her heart opened and a flame was ignited when she looked back at the Prince. He too felt the Presence of the Great Oneness.

They smiled at each other and it was time for the Princess to climb up the Ladder of Consciousness to try to fall asleep.  The next morning at the breakfast table the Prince asked the Princess  “How do you sleep?  And the Princess said, ” I did not sleep a wink I was up all last night tossing and turning. Then this morning I found this pea underneath all the mattress.” And she showed the Prince the matching  pea. All of sudden the Fairy Godmother appeared and said, “I see you have found a true Princess my Prince”  She then told the Princess to eat the magical pea and the Princess did. The Fairy Godmother joined their hands and said now you have found your true match. You both will have many soul lessons together, keep your hearts open to each other always. Remember to practice kindness towards each other, be not afraid to be authentic and  practice  unconditional love.  Keep your body, heart, soul, and sex aligned together and enjoy your journey.

The End


This link will help you clear the field:  Male Sexuality Healing Meditation.

Note: This is the Code of Chivalry written between 1098-1100

The Code of Chivalry

The Song of Roland

To fear God and maintain His Church
To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
To protect the weak and defenceless
To give succour to widows and orphans
To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
To live by honour and for glory
To despise pecuniary reward
To fight for the welfare of all
To obey those placed in authority
To guard the honour of fellow knights
To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
To keep faith
At all times to speak the truth
To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
To respect the honour of women
Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
Never to turn the back upon a foe

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