Magdalene Mysteries in Notre Dame


I find myself standing in front of Notre Dame, looking at the famous western rose window.  This is how I begin my sacred journey on the island Ile de La Cité, Paris, France.  

I look up at the 28 stone statues of the Kings of Judah. They were built into the face of the cathedral. What is interesting is that in the bible there is only the mention of 19 kings. Twenty-eight kings represent the 28-day lunar cycle of the Moon Goddess. The western rose window is symbolic of the womb of the Great Goddess herself. Stone reliefs make up a living book of Hermetic knowledge. 

When you walk through the door of Notre Dame there you can see a stone relief of a bishop holding a shepherd hook. He seems to be stepping on a dragon. But if one takes a second look one realizes that the dragon is actually curling up the bishop’s staff. The dragon is the spiritual power of the Earth Mother’s Kundalini, rising from the ley-lines of this Sacred Site. The bishop’s shepherd hook is not much different from the Pharaoh hook of ancient Egypt that was used to rule his people. 

Once I enter the cathedral, I move through the crowds of tourist. I light a candle for a friend’s mother who recently died. I sit in silent meditation. Sitting next to me is a beautiful black woman. She was in deep silence. We are sitting in silence together before a multitude of flickering candle lights. We are praying before a statue of Virgin and Child. This statue is better known as Our Lady of Paris.

Many tourists are moving through the crowd completely unconscious that this is a place of prayer. In spite of this we continue our meditations. When I stand up to leave, the black woman and myself make eyes contact. We meet each other soul-to-soul. I feel the Black Madonna archetype is embodied in this woman before me. There is an impression of sweet sadness, as she looks deep into my eyes. I am open and receptive. For a brief moment our souls are in communion. Then I rise and make my way through the cathedral.

I come to the Chapel of Mary Magdalene. A heavy black curtain drapes this chapel so that I have to poke my head around the curtain to see the image of Magdalene painted on the wall. She is washing the feet of Christ and above her stands Judas with his bag of silver that hangs from his belt. What is interesting about this picture that the bag of money is resting on the back of Mary Magdalene.  Historically speaking this event is a subject of considerable debate of who this woman might be since in one of the gospels she was addressed as only Mary. But it was Judas who complained of wasting the costly scented balm on the feet of the Master. This anointing of costly spikenard was one of the rituals used by the pagan Temple Priestess of the Goddess to initiate a Sacred King. This was an ancient agriculture rite. When the land was not in prosperity and harvests were bad they gave the life of the King as an offering. Christ was giving his consent to sacrifice himself for such an act. This gives a whole other picture on who Christ might of been and the role Mary Magdalene.  Sacred King was doomed to die for the good of his people. The matriarchal line of queens had the power to initiate men to become kings.

Jesus replied to Judas that Mary was anointing him for his burial.

It was in the bible in the Gospel of Mark 16:9 that talks about Christ casting out the seven devils out of Mary Magdalene. What may have looked like an exorcism to the un-initiated could have been the Initiation of the Kundalini moving through Mary Magdalene’s body opening and awakening the seven chakras. This type of initiation comes with rolling around on the ground violent movements through the body and many strange manifestations. But what the initiation does is move the blockages out of the charkas so there is more spiritual awakening.

The Temple Priestess of Isis knew the initiations of Kundalini awakening. The worship of the cobra was the symbol of those initiations. The archaeologists have found hieroglyphics of cobras in the ancient temples dedicated to the Goddess Isis. Notre Dame is built on the island that is also called in French “Bateau d’Isis,” the Boat of Isis. The archetype of the Goddess Isis is like an over lay of the story of Christ and Magdalene. The saints of the Catholic Church seemed to have absorbed the ancient myths of the Goddess so that the new religion was easier to sell to the pagans. And if that did not work there was always the Inquisition.
I make my way though Notre Dame to leave. I gaze up at the ceilings before me. The sacred architecture of the arch ceiling gives you the feeling of going through a giant birth canal.

I walk through the main exit going outside of Notre Dame.  I begin to study the stone reliefs on the outside of the face of the cathedral. There are three stone images that are next to each other. One image on the Stone is Magdalene, holding her alabaster jar. The other two images are a Crayfish and Christ holding the sacrificial lamb. 

I remember seeing some of these same images on The old Marseille Tarot. This older Tarot deck has been known to hide the hidden knowledge of Mary Magdalene. This Tarot Deck surfaced in southern France in the years after the dissolution of the Knights Templar in 1307. The Knights Templar were the mystical architects of the medieval cathedrals. They were known to have honored the Sacred Feminine. This was the reason for their building so many churches to the Virgin Mary. The Sacred Feminine was honored and upheld symbolically throughout their medieval designs.


The Catholic Church and King Philippe of France condemned the Templars as heretics. King Philippe at the time had a cash flow problem and since the Templars controlled the bank system of Europe it became an easy way for Philippe to end his troubles. If the Templars could be condemned as heretics, then all their properties could be divided by church and state, leaving both the King and the Church rich. But not all the Templars were caught. Some escaped to Italy, the Pyrenees, and also Scotland.

Some of the Knights believed that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ. Tarot decks began to surface in Italy that carried the heresy symbols of the lost feminine. The Italian Tarot decks began to travel to France into the city of Marseille. I believe a great deal of heretical symbology is hidden in the older tarot decks of this time. I think that the Moon card of this Tarot deck was depicting the Templars own beliefs of the Magdalene being the bride of Christ

I am in the front of Notre Dame, looking at the left door of the Cathedral. Next to the door I see a stone relief with a crayfish. The crayfish on the stone relief is like the crayfish on the Moon Card of the Tarot. We also should take into consideration that the face of this wall of Notre Dame represents the Lunar Great Goddess. The crayfish in the tarot is hiding in the depths of the water. It cannot leave its watery domain since there are two fierce dogs in front of the water. The upper part of the card is a picture of the Moon, eclipsing over the Sun. This eclipse is the marriage of the Solar and the Lunar or better known as the Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage. In the background of this card there are two towers. When I first saw this card I realized the heresy behind the images. 

The crayfish is really the older image of the crab. The crab is the astrological symbol of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother, the Lunar Goddess. The crayfish is hiding in the depths of the water, afraid to come out. The crayfish’s body is also shaped like a man’s penis on the stone relief. The myth of Osiris and the Goddess Isis, looses his penis because of a fish had eaten it after his brother Seth had cut up his body into fourteen pieces. Isis resembles Osiris body again but cannot find his penis. Well I think I just found Osiris’s penis in the form of the crayfish on Notre Dame’s cathedral. In the myth Isis fashions a penis out of stone puts it on Osiris body and becomes pregnant with the hawk-headed god Horus. The hawk is the bird that not only is a messenger of the gods but has the big view.This penis looking crayfish represents the union of both the sacred male and the sacred female.

The lunar eclipse, in the moon card symbolizes the Sacred Marriage is the marriage between the priestess queen with the sacred king. It is the Solar God that is in Union the full moon. The two towers in the distance also have meaning. The name Magdalene actual means tower. There are two towers! The angry dogs in the card are symbolic of both of the Catholic Church and the political powers of the King.

The Great Mother is none other then Great Goddess Isis. And her priestess queen is Mary Magdalene. The Sacred Marriage is of Christ and the Magdalene. But the truth of this story could not be revealed openly because of the Catholic Church and the politics. The crayfish image on the stone relief was a way to reveal the truth of Christ’s story if one understood what the symbols meant. The Marseille Tarot was a decoding system for those who had been initiated into the great secrets.  The original architects of the cathedrals placed these heresy symbols into the church are gone, but their symbols can still be read.

The older tarot deck was a way to keep the information alive in Europe disguised as a common card game. 
The other stone relief is Christ holding the sacrificial lamb. But what was really being sacrificed? How many people have been sacrificed to hide the truth? The traditional meaning of the Moon card is deceit or hidden knowledge. It is very interesting what can be seen on the walls of Notre Dame. Mary Magdalene feast day was chosen on the twenty second, the number of the Master. She was a Master in her own right

 Feast day of Mary Magdalene July 22, 2016.


Mystical Marriage
Rose of Sharon
Beloved of Beloveds.
The corner stone the architect rejected.
Magdala Magdala Magdala
The Watch Tower of Witnessing
The alchemical process of Awakening.
Bless Us
Bless Us
Bless Us.

Written summer of 2014
by Raylene Abbott

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