Christmas Rose


Once upon a time there was a shepherd girl by the name of Madelon. She had heard of this shinning star over the town of Bethlehem. There was a prophecy saying that a great king would be born under this star. So Madelon decided to make the journey to visit Bethlehem. She was a simple girl and did not have much but her family’s flock to tend everyday. But the brightness of this star, she felt a need to follow. So she took her small flock and followed the star.

When she arrived in Bethlehem she found the star was shinning over a stable where a beautiful woman had just had a child. The stable was surrounded by heavenly angels that also gathered to visit this Divine Event. The child’s father stood over protecting the mother and child with his steady gaze and calm manner. Other shepherds had come offering what ever they had to the Holy Family.

Madelon looked around and realized she had nothing to give. She began to get distressed because she arrived only with herself. The Angel Gabriel noticed the little girl and could feel her inner distressed.He came close and hovered around her. She looked up from her tears at the mighty Presence of Gabriel the Silent Angel pointed to the ground where she was standing. And there from where her tears had fallen to the ground beautiful flowers sprung forth. This is the legend of how Hellebourus niger, (the Christmas Rose) came to be. Madelon offered the flowers to the baby within the manger and the Divine Child looked up at broke into a sweet baby smile.<photo id=”1″ />


Where ever you are at this Christmas please realize yourself is enough to offer to others. The beauty of your actions, your kindness and your presence is the greatest gift you can give others. Be Presence to others this season for that is a gift all in itself

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