It is a cold day here in Paris but the skies were clear so we walked over to the park. All the grand fountains were frozen over but flourishing in the grass the bright blossoms of dandelion were everywhere. I bent down to view the sunny petals of the dandelion unfolding in freezing conditions. You might have notice the leaves of this common weed look like the teeth of an angry lion, thus receiving its name. The root of this plant is an alchemist laboratory, for it is a perfect combination of the earthy brown and a color of golden sunshine blending both heavenly and earthly energies in perfect harmony.

Dandelion is a tough weed it can get poisoned, frozen, stepped on, pulled out of the ground and it still seems to come back strong. In fact it is so strong that it finds its way through harden earth or even cracks of cement. And what does the Dandelion do once it has passed through such abuse of the world? It becomes a bright yellow flower with petals of sunshine. Then in its finally stage it transforms all the extreme growing conditions and becomes a very soft seed puff and with one gentle blow it releases its seeds. The times call for us to be dandelions, to shine like the sun no matter what difficulties we have passed through and soften hearts, release our grievances and let go gently.


The Sacred Flora of Mother Mary dandelion is known as Mary’s Crown

Categories: Sacred Flora

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