Mother Mary s Flora


Looking at a Medieval image of the Virgin Mary you would think she was Mother Nature herself. Her hands wore foxglove blossoms referred to as Our Ladies Gloves. The yellow toad-flax ( Virgin Flax) was her flax for spinning her cloth. The big leaf of Colcasia became her cape when she wasn’t wearing Lady’s mantle. The yellow flowers of Damascenicum nothum became Mary’s shoes but she also had a change of foot wear because she was known to wear common Birdfoot treifoil or Monkshood for her slippers. Where ever the Blessed Mother step she left behind as her foot prints Columbine flowers.
Honey suckle tendrils were her fingers and Maiden Hair fern was her hair. She combed her hair with our Lady’s comb also known as teasle weed that once was the comb of the Goddess Venus.
Impatient flowers became her eardrops and fushia buds became her earings. Canterbury bells were her night cap and wood anemone became her pettycoat. The common white bindweed became her drinking glass.
You can see that the very body of the Blessed Mother was clothed by Mother Nature. The Sacred Flora of The Blessed Mother is a way for us to view Nature as Sacred and how important we see the Sacredness of this Earth and the precious gift of life.


Foxgloves Our Lady’s Gloves

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