Earth Healing Ceremonies


Earth Healing Ceremony South of France

Our ancient ancestors celebrated the seasonal cycles of nature. They understood that each season change was also a gateway of Spiritual Initiation. Their lives were intertwined with the growing seasons, tilling the land, planting the seeds, and different seasonal harvests. This was a part of the survival of the community.

But the times are now different. We cannot turn back the clock. We live in a contemporary time. How does one honor the Earth in this time? The Goddess needs a new face and an open voice to deal with the issues we are faced with as women, mothers, grandmothers and businesswomen.

If the Goddess would have a new message for us what would that be? It is up to us to discover. Her Voice within ourselves and let her speak. We have become a global community. We also have become cross-cultural, so it is also important to honor the Goddess in other cultures. This gives us a wide range of Goddesses to choose and learn from.

The idea of this project is to inspire you to awaken to the Voice of the Goddess inside of you. Each seasonal holiday can be celebrated within small or larger groups. You can perform dance, do yoga, create sacred ritual, sing, or be inspired by poetry or music. Your own expression of the Goddess can be discovered in the safety of the women’s circle.

My book will introduce you to the Goddess in many different cultures. You also will be introduced to Mantras of the Goddess as a way of focusing your mind and to open the way to initiation.

Link to Book

If you like Raylene teach how to create an Earth Healing Ceremony or Water Offerings to your group please contact

Link to Water Offerings

Link to Flower Mandala Ceremony



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