Garden Therapy


Garden Therapy Session

The garden can be a mirror to one’s consciousness. Raylene has been working with Sacred Gardens since 1988. Every plant has it’s own secret signature that carries a vibration that can enhance the mandala of your life. This secret language has been used by Native American’s on vision quest, in the great gardens of China as a form of Feng Shui and even in the Medieval Gardens of Europe. There were people that could interpret the Book of Nature to improve the life for a kingdom or a tribe.
Raylene has developed this ancient understanding into Sacred Garden Therapy. This therapy creates an awareness and a healing for her clients. Raylene can suggest plants and garden features, or shrines for your garden that will aid in your own inner development and also the pleasure of having a beautiful garden.

Garden Therapy Session using  Earth Healing Wands


Earth Healing Wands can be used to enhance the healing in your session
I have created Earth Healing Copper Wands, which are a high vibration tool that are buried into the Earth to bring healing to your home garden. These copper wands help erase the destructive past memories held in the Earth.
These Earth Healing Wands can bring calmness to many land disturbances and elemental forces that suffer the heavy burdens of pollution, Earth stress, over crowded environment and traumatic events of the past.

Earth Healing for Larger Properties, Retreat Centers, and Large Acreage
Land holds the memory of both thoughts and events that have happened over time.  This can affect the health of the garden. This can be seen as  land disturbances  that frequently may occur in an area and even the harmony in a neighborhood. Raylene is  trained to identify and clear such disturbances using both Elemental Offerings Practice and Earth Healing Tools. This knowledge and the use of Earth Healing Tools can bring subtle and dramatic changes for the better to your environment.
Ley-lines distribute the fertility throughout the Earth. When the energy of ley-lines have been cut through the making of roads or buildings it can create major land disturbances.  Raylene has been working with ley-lines world wide since the year 2000. She created Earth Healing tools that helps soften the effects of land disturbance cause by the destruction of the ley of the land.

Link to Earth Healing Wands

Link to Healing the Landscape


Raylene is a Master Rose Gardener and can teach you how to trim your rose, train your canes and the mix your own high grade organic fertilizers and sprays.

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