Healing the Landscape


a10Dragon ely-line in South of France

What does it look like when we encounter unbalanced energies in the landscape, especially when found in ley-lines? A ley-line is a meridian in the Earth much like what we might find in acupuncture or acupressure systems for the physical body. The Earth is a mirror reflection of this same system but on a much bigger level. China calls these Earth Meridian dragon-lines, because they form into the shape of a dragon in the landscape. These dragon-lines have a very important job in Mother Nature’s landscape: they distribute the chi flow throughout in the form of fertility. When this chi is blocked….in your home, or yard, or even on a much bigger level in the landscape, the energy becomes unbalanced. And just like in the physical body, when a meridian is blocked disease can set in…This is the same in Nature.

There are many ways to see the the awesome power in the energy of ley-lines . The first one is abundance. Where there are ley-lines Nature flourishes. The plant life is bigger, the trees will be heavy laden with harvest of fruit, nuts or pine-cones. You will find animal trails. The animals like to travel across the lines because they can be fed by the chi flow under their feet. This chi flow is enlivening. The old pilgrimage routes in Europe also follow the ley of the land. There is more energy available in these places on the Earth. The ancients in many cultures understood this energy and the result we see today is standing stones, temples built on ley-lines. The Native American culture used natural rock altars in the landscape, going there to pray or grind their food and medicine.

Today modern society has forgotten how to identify such places and because of this we have made the mistake of building roads through them. When this happens it creates chaotic energy that is hard to balance. Let me give you an example.

I used to live in Marin County, California in Fairfax. My children went to school in San Geronimo so everyday we would drive over White’s Hill from Fairfax to go to school. This area was a special area. You could feel it. When you got to the top of the hill you could feel this invisible gateway. This was the place you left the city behind and entered the rural area of Marin County. You could smell a faint whiff of salt in the air from the ocean miles away carried on the winds. But there also was something very seriously wrong in this area!
They had widened the road and forever working on the slope of the hill because rocks and landslides were constantly occurring. They finally, after many unsuccessful attempts, put chain mail over the Earth and grew sod to keep the hill from wearing away. But this did not solve the problem of chaotic energy found in this area. Many car accidents happened there; people would turn the curve too fast and would find themselves running over the embankment.

White’s Hill is one of the major dragon-lines in Marin County. And if one looks closely enough at the rock formation of White’s Hill, you will see that the road was cut directly through the heart of a dragon. And this why the Nature Spirit energy in this area is chaotic and darn right mad. Nature has it’s own way of fighting back. This took the form of landslides and car accidents to unexpected drivers. They now have put in guard rails on White Hills…but it still does not address the pain of the Spirit of the Land.


White’s Hill Marin County, Calif.

Another example that I saw was when I lived in Menton in the South of France, right on the border with Italy. This is where the foothills of the French Alps meet the blue Mediterranean Sea. Right above my home was a major dragon-line that was up against the road. I could see the dragon’s body in this rock ridge formation. An old World War II bunker had been dug deep into the body of this ley-line. This dragon rock ridge was a three headed dragon…but his third head had been cut to build a bridge. Ley-lines, as I said, are about abundance. Because lack of understanding from the builders of the road and the bunker, this abundance was effected and the result was a negative condition. This being a border village one could buy cigarettes and alcohol so cheaply that two small stores were cashing in living on the ley-line. I would see 20-30 people in line buying their particular brand of poison. The abundance was happening but with a negative results. Most people would not put two and two together, failing to see that the cutting of the head of the dragon, or cutting the chi of the land, had it’s consequences.


Menton, France

Now both these examples are about what happens when one cuts the chi of a major ley-line. But there are also other conditions found in our environment that are effected by Earth disturbances in our yards and in our neighborhoods. If you could imagine the Earth as a big tape recorder and everything that happens is recorded in the land. There are layers and layers of history stuck in the Earth that need to be cleansed of old stories and programs of the past.

As a landscaper I would see this in the form of diseased plants in different areas of the garden that were not healthy. I remember moving into a house that had two previous owners who both got a divorce. When you looked out the back door all the trees were diseased. What we do not understand about the trees is they not only clean the air we breathe, but they also clean the thoughts and negative feelings we have. When the negativity has outweighed the capacity of what the trees can clean, the trees begin to manifest disease and the vibration is lowered. If you just think of what the plant kingdom is offering us everyday it gives us a whole new perspective of how important Nature is for our emotional and mental health also.

A few weeks ago I visited a friend in an apartment and there were many emotional disturbances in building with the people. The man downstairs had been fighting cancer and had a very difficult struggle. But directly across from where he opened his door, three redwood trees had died. You could see the impression of Nature Spirit faces in the bark of the wood, screaming. The man recovered from his illness but the trees took it on and died. A woman in another part of the building tried to take her life and directly outside her door a perfectly healthy tree also died. These are just a few examples of the compassion that Nature has for humanity. Most people do not make the connection that we are not separate from the environment around us. And when one becomes Aware, one can actually look into the reflection of Nature and see their own life lessons being mirrored back

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