Real Fairies


How the Fairies frame a photo

This page is dedicated to the Spirits of Nature. Most human beings cannot see into the world of the fairies. If you cannot see the fairies, you cannot understand their world. Through these photographs you can begin to learn how to see the fairies. When you see, you can understand the nature spirits live along side us within nature’s environment. One has to see differently to see behind the veil. You might have to look into a pool a water and see how the sky is reflected in water. Or you might have to look deeply into the way the grooves of a tree creates faces. Close observation is the key here and an open heart and a child like mind. These are my photographs I have taken in Sacred Places all around the World. Have fun playing!

sun elf

The Sun Elf is the reflections of sky and light in a fountain. He has a profile with a pointed cap. He looks into the sun taken outside of Paris, France.  L’Elfe de Soleil dest les reflects de cel et allure dans uno fontaine. Il a un profil avec un bouchon pointu. Il examine le soleil.

seine dragon

This tree dragon is on the River Seine in Paris. The picture was taken very close to Notre Dame.  Ce dragon d’arbre est sur la Seine de Rivière à Paris. L’image a été prise très proche à la Dame de NotreThis green fairy looks like she is from Asia

asian fee

This green fairy looks like she is from Asia  but she lives in Paris.  Cette Fée Verte a l’air d’elle est venue d’Asie, Son visage est

unicorn reflects

See the Unicorns head at the left center of the image. The space between the trees is his horn.Cette tête de Licorne est le centre de milandre de l’image. Sa corne est l’espace entre les arbre.

sun goddess

A Goddess balances on a crescent moon. She holds the Book of Nature. Everyone can read the book.  Une Déesse équilibre sur une lune de cresent. Elle tient le Livre de Nature dans la lumière. Tout le monde peut lire le livre.

lucyin sky

This is Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Cecil est Lucy dans le Ciel avec les Diamants.

angel tree

The Angel head is at the top center of the image. Her head leans to the right. Her head rests on her wing. Her hair is green.  La tête d’Ange est au premier centre de l’image. Sa tête se penche à la droite. Sa tête se repose sur son aile. Ses cheveux sont verts

lichen fee


This is a profile of a fairy face. He is the lichen growing on the trees in the park.Ceci est un profil d’un visage de fée. Il dest le lichen grandissant sur les arbres dans le parc.

Link to More Fairies Pictures


May One and All Be Fairy Fairy Blessed!

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