Sacred Flora Healing



Raylene has been working with flowers for decades. She offers unique Sacred Flora offerings that can be part of right of passage ceremony, weddings or a community events.

Flower Mandalas


Raylene has been making Flower Mandala since 2006. These beautiful creations are made in the silence of meditation and the choosing the flowers for their particular healing vibrations.  The guest at the end of the event can either take little bags of flowers home for their personal use and are also offered back to the Earth by the guest.

Flowering Tea Ceremony


Raylene offers a fusion  Chinese Tea Ceremony with flowers for personal healing. The flowers are either gathered or grown by Raylene. Each cup of tea is individualize for each guest.  The appropriate flower is chosen for each guest that comes before Raylene in the ceremony.    Link to Flower Tea Ceremony


Flower Mandala Soul Session


I also offer Soul Session and Flower Mandala Healing. This is a combination of a Soul Session and also the creating Flower Mandala for you own individual Healing. This can be done in person where you will be part of the process of making the flower mandala and having a private session. I am also offering these Mandala Healing Session on Skype which I will send you a photo of your mandala and if you are living in the USA I will send you a packet of dried flowers from your mandala. When the Session is over the Mandala is offered in Sacred Places either in Nature or at a Healing Shrine . To read more about Soul Sessions go to this following link. Soul Session

Healing Flower Arrangements


Raylene can also can create flower arrangements for an event which includes explanation of the healing qualities for each flower or herb.




Sacred Flora Workshops and Herbal Walks 

Creating Your Own Rose Beads

Wild Food Gourmet

Herbal Cosmetics

Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit

Making Flower Essences


Link to Sacred Flora blog

Link Flower Mandala Samples


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