Soul Sessions

I am offering  Soul Healing Sessions. These sessions consists of an exploration of your difficulties, a spiritual practice or meditation to help you understand or dissolve those difficulties and invocation blessing to help you along your journey. I specialized in the  Ancestral Healing,  Healing the Mother Lineage,   Understanding the Beloved Initiations,  Learning to live with your Kundalini.

To Learn more about the style of my work I suggest reading my book “Between the Visions”

known as ” L’ emergence-de-la-femme” in France and can be found on U.K

They are $100 dollars for a one hour session.

Please email me to set up a time and for more information:


Flower Mandala Soul Session


This is a combination of a Soul Session and also the creating Flower Mandala for you own individual Healing. This can be done in person where you will be part of the process of making the mandala. I am also offering these Mandala Healing Session on Skype. I will send you a photo of your mandala which you can print out and have framed. If you are living in the USA I will send you a packet of dried flowers from your mandala. When the Session is over the Mandala is offered in Sacred Places either in Nature or at a Healing Shrine .


$ 100 Soul Session

$250 for Flower Mandala Soul Session

$200 Flower Mandala Soul Session on Skype



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