What is Earth Healing Wand

Copper Healing Treasure Wands

I have created Earth Healing Copper Wands, a high vibration tool that are buried into the Earth to bring healing to your home garden or landscape. These copper wands help erase the destructive past memories held in the Earth.  Earth Healing Wands can bring calmness to many land disturbances and elemental forces that suffer the heavy burdens of pollution, Earth stress, over crowded environment and traumatic events of the past. I was originally trained in the Tibetan Treasure Vase tradition. But over time I have develop my own practice using the same principles of mudras, mantra , sacred vows, and offerings which is contained in copper tubes. I have chosen to use a Western spiritual practice to use with the wands. I work with a nine day novena infusing the offerings with prayer dedicated to heal the Nature’s Elements.

An Earth Healing Treasure Wand is a tool when buried in the Earth works much like an acupressure needle would to heal the body. Prayer rolls, semi precious gems, images of the Divine Mother, grains, Earth from Sacred Places, and herbal medicines are all placed into a copper tube.


Prayer Rolls

The copper tubes have been sanded and polish to a high shine. All of this is done in a state of meditation and prayer. Prayer rolls are made to go inside the copper tubes. The tubes are then sealed and for nine days a prayer is said daily, a practice designed to heal the different Elemental energies of the Earth. Afterwards, they are carefully stored and protected to hold the healing vibrations that have been created.Copper is used because it is one of the best conductors of sending energy.


Herbs, Gem Stones and Sacred Earth

There are two sizes: a small eight inch copper wand and also a 12 inch copper wand. Once the wands are buried into the Earth, it adds to the changing vibrations in a home garden, a large piece of land or a natural environment. These wands have been created to help Heal Earth Distrubances If you are dealing with a large property, burying four copper wands in the four corners is very helpful to move stuck chi and to remove layers of destructive energies. If you live in a home or apartment, a wand can be buried in the Earth to balance Elemental Energy that needs to be harmonized. Each wand is an Earth Offering of healing substance and a prayer to heal the Elemental forces of Mother Nature.
These wands have been inspired by the Tibetan Treasure Vase practice. I have adapted this Eastern Earth Healing Practice into one that Honors the Feminine Aspect of the Divine and distributes healing to the Elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Small copper wands are $25.00 a piece
Large copper wands are $65.00 a piece
Mailing for a small copper wand is $7.00
Mailing for a large copper wand is $10.00

Instructions: Bury the copper wand vertical into the Earth. If you have bought a small wand bury it with the end of the wand facing directly into the Earth. You should have the wand at least 6 inches below the surface of the soil. This should be a Sacred Ceremony and an offering to the Spirit of the Land or Garden to bring healing. Once the wand is buried you can say the following phase to complete the offering:
“To all the Divinities that govern the Earth, I make this offering. I apologize for the pollution of the Sacred Elements Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Please accept this offering for deep healing.  Amen.”


Angelic Healing Wands

New Angelic Healing Wands for home, office, car, and can be easily carried in your purse. Price $20.00 and six for dollars shipping and handling

Please contact me at rayleneabbott@gmail.com


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