Flower Mandalas

 These mandalas I have done with different groups and community events. Enjoy the beauty. These mandala are a perfect blessing for right of passage, a wedding, a community events , birthday, and the passing of a love one for further information if like me to create a sacred flower ceremony for you contact rayleneabbott@gmail.com.


Auburn, California Water Offerings


Mt Shasta Headwaters


Auburn, California Water Offering


Earth Offerings Grasses South of France


Goddess Temple Ashland, Oregon


Auburn, Calif.


Water Offerings Mt. Shasta Calif.


EL Cerrito Yoga Studio Earth Offerings


Handmade Rose Bead Mala


Native American Teaching Headwaters, Mt Shasta


A flower altar in a Paris workshop. I create these altars in the center of the room and for the next three days the flowers on the altar are exposed to mantra chanting.

Center of Mantra Circle Paris, France


Shasta Headwaters Ceremony


Shasta Headwaters


Offering the Flower Petals Back to Headwaters


Omega Institute Rhinebeck, New York  Willow and Roses Mandala


Goddess Temple Ashland Oregon


Paris France for Mantra Meditation

I began making Flower Mandalas in Paris , France in the year 2006.  I found that there were so many unsettled spirits in the city caused by violent events that took place in history I wanted to do something to ease their pain.

I began with a group of women in an apartment down from Luxembourg Gardens. The first few times it was just putting flower petals in a big bowl and having a group of women chant the names of the Holy Mother over the flowers. Flowers are very delicate and they can carry prayers and blessings. But later the flower bowl became a mandala of beauty and silent prayer as it was made.

When we gathered up the flowers I passed  out petal packets to each woman.  I remember a lightening storm began as soon as we started chanting and the strong winds began to blow all the shutters in the apartment open.

 The next day each woman travel to a part of the city of Paris where there had been violent events in history.  I went to a church that had a mass grave from the French Revolution. Then I took the metro to Place de la Concorde  where hundreds of people lost their head from the guillotine.  Saint-Germain-des-Prés was my next stop where they use to burn women as witches.  I made my way to the Memorial des Martyrs a memorial to remember 200,000 people who were deported from Vichy France to the Nazi concentration camps. My last stop to leave flowers petal offerings was Île de la Cité where Jacques  Molay the Grand Master of the Knights Templar was burned at the stake.  This was the beginning of my flower mandala work in Paris. Since then I have done many mandalas their purpose is to heal, to bring peace to the spirits of earth and the release of disharmony from violent events that have taken place in history.

Raylene Abbott

Flower Mandala Healing Sessions


  This is a combination of a Soul Session and also the creating a Flower Mandala for you own individual healing.  This can be done in person where you will be part of the process of making the flower mandala .  I am also offering these Mandala Healing Session on Skype which I will send you a photo of your mandala and if you are living in the USA I will send you a packet of dried flowers from your mandala.  When the Session is over the Mandala is offered in Sacred Places either in Nature or at a Healing Shrine .  To read more about Soul Sessions go to this following link. Soul Sessions

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