Flower Tea Ceremony


Raylene offers a fusion Chinese Tea Ceremony with flowers for personal healing. The flowers are either gathered or grown by Raylene. Each cup of tea is individualize for each guest. The appropriate flower is chosen for each guest that comes before Raylene in the ceremony.


The washing of the cups in Tea Ceremony has a symbolic significance. It means clearing the mind. Tea has been symbolic of Awareness because of a legend of Buddha falling asleep during meditation. The Buddha cut off his eye lids he then threw them on the ground, so he could stay awake during meditation.  His eye lids grew into the tea plant. So monks drank tea to stay awake in meditation…..There are no cutting off of body parts in my ceremony….


The Gong Fu Tea Ceremony we moisten the tea leaves to open their flavor. Then we rinse the tea leaves before making tea.


These are some of the Sacred Flora I am using with a very mild  tea. Johnny-jump-ups also know as heart-ease help eases heart ache. Organic Roses open the heart.  High Mountain Pennyroyal help ease negativity.  This take the traditional Tea Ceremony to another level.


Love Song Organic Old Rose


High Mountain Pennyroyal


I collect or grow and handled the flowers with the gentlest of care.

Flowering Tea Ceremony can be combined with Flower Mandala Ceremony and can be used for Weddings, Right Passage, or House and Garden Blessings.

Contact Raylene rayleneabbott@gmail.com

Link to Flowering Mandalas


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