Peace Petal Pilgrimage Aug. 15th 2016


Peace Petals Pilgrimage
August 15th is the Assumption of the Blessed Mother. I want to follow up here with our Global Pilgrimage Group on Facebook and invite people everywhere to create flower mandalas for Peace on August 15th, 2016.  This process is something I began in Paris, France in 2006. We would create a flower mandala by yourself or with friends. While making the mandala you would focus your prayers on Peace. This would happened globally August 15th at anytime of you choice.  The commitment would be creating a mandala. focus on peace prayers or Silence. Take a photograph to share and then take the mandala petals and make an offering in Nature or a shrine to the Blessed Mother either August 15th or the next day. You could also choose to send some of the petals to friends in other cities to offer in Nature or their local shrine.

You post the mandalas on our Global Pilgrimage site which is a World Wide Group on Facebook or send them to me by email if you are not on Facebook and I will post them for you at

We have about 10 days to pull this together who is in? If you are new to our pilgrimage process please contact me at or go to Global Pilgrimage Group on Facebook,  the icon is a white dove.

quote from The Mother of Sri Aurobindo after being asked the question What is the way to get out of the obsession of pain when it is too much?

“She answered, “Look at a beautiful flower” Flowers restore us to health and harmony by their fragrance, their beauty and even their remedies.

“Flowers teach us the charm of silence and thus the self-giving which demands nothing in return.”

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo use to live in France. A Holy Metaphysical Woman gave her a gift of flowers that the woman had blessed. The Mother put the flowers in a locket. One day she felt power leave her when she looked down she saw that her locket had come open and the blessed flowers were gone, at that moment she understood flowers hold blessings. This was the beginning of her work of blessing flowers and giving 1000s of flower packets away to the people who came to visit her in India.

If you like to go a bit deeper with your mandala you can research the meaning of the flowers on this website of the work of The Mother of Sri Aurobindo  following link :   Flower messages.

Also I have many post on different flowers in the website dedicated to Mother Mary between the 12th and 15 century which you will find  Link Sacred Flora


Raylene Abbott




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  1. Your writings and transmissions on flowers and on nature truly inspires me. Thank you! Alok


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