My Peace Petal Pilgrimage Mandala


Peace Petal Mandala Mt Shasta , California.

I woke up this morning and went and gathered some bull rushes, the rest of the flowers have come from my garden or a few other wild places I have roamed.

When I start these mandalas I never know what I am doing I just silently pray and watch the unfolding. I then began to see what the flowers were teaching me through their symbolic language. Bull rushes were the crib of Moses when they placed him on the river as a baby. My first thought AHHHH the abandoned inner child wants to be healed. The hollow reed going straight up with the Black Virgin..hints at this Holy Day of Mary Assumption. I love the Virgin Bower puffy flowers like look like her clouds of Ascension process.

Mullen flowers and leaves begin the center of this mandala which are known as Our Lady Candle in Medieval days and were dipped in tallow to make torches. Their symbol is to bring the Light. The offering flowers on the mullein leaves are Golden Rod. I see it like a magic wand shedding golden light to our inner shadows. Tiny Milk Weed flowers are also offered. When the Milkweed stem is broken it bleeds out a milky harsh sap that actually can remover unwanted warts. I feel this plant signature is; can help heal the memories of negative patterns past down through the mother lineage. The harsh milky sap actually can burn the skin. But Milkweed flowers attracts butterflies the insect of transformation. Heart-ease Flowers also known as the Trinity Flower in Madonna Flora eases the heart, while many rose petals that make up the heart of this mandala opens our heart to love. Roses teach us  to rises above the thorns of our emotional bodies and open our heart. Pink Snapdragons teaches us to communicate with compassion and the Virgin Bower known as the Virgin Hair soften the  message of the whole mandala. Angelica leaves at the four conners of this mandala offer Angelica protection while the butterfly bush flowers offers us transformation The stems of Golden Rod radiate the message of Peace and Healing to All. May Peace and Healing come to all who see this image to your life, to those you love.



Below is a link if you would like to know more about

Flower Mandala Soul Sessions

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