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Today September 7th is the feast day of Our Lady Regla the aspect of the Black Virgin Mary of both Miami and Cuba.  Underneath her skirts is the ancient African Water Goddess      Yemaya. I wrote about her a few months back when I visited her shrine in Little Havana in Miami. You can read more about her Link to Lady Regla

I have visited many Black Virgins in Europe but it was in the USA that I found the Black Madonna that blew my heart away. Maybe it is because she is the Mistress of the Waters and I have been doing daily water offerings for the last 16 years. But I feel Regla spoke to something deep inside of me, the primordial connection with the Earth, the Waters and simultaneously still having connection to the Higher Planes.

The other day a Woodstock Astrologer friend of mine Marian Tortorella and I were talking of the different aspects of the Virgin Mary and I mentioned Lady Regla. Marian said well the name comes from the Guiding Star Regulus. This conversation set me in motion wondering what this arch-type Lady Regla meant.  I began to look at the different layers of this icon and why I have been  so effected by her Presence.

That night I googled the Royal Star Regulus associated with kings. I  found out that this is the star that ships at sea use to navigate their voyage, because it moves so slowly in the skies. It takes 72 years to move one degree. Regulus has been in the sign of Leo since Julius Caesar but since 2012 it moved into zero degrees Virgo the sign of the Virgin.  And it hit me full throttle why this arch-type has been so potent for me, my midheaven in astrology is zero degree Virgo!  The sign of zero is like having the Virgin Mary and the Void of the Buddha in the same arch-type. It also made perfect sense why my path lead me to empty space found in Zen Buddhism which started about 2012.  But with the death of my own mother the Virgin Mary returned so strongly back into my life but with this Zen Empty Heart. The Empty Heart is the very Essence of Love.

Our Lady Regla skirts are the mighty ocean waves the primordial waters in the womb of every mother. Her darkness brings each one of us to the very last atom of our DNA which can be traced back to one African Woman.  Lady Regla is the darkness of matter but she does not loose her way on the ocean of samsara because she is also the Guiding Star of her Higher Self or No Self in some circles.  I laid in bed that night and my mind was blown by all the layers of Regla and why I have been so personally effected by this icon.

Lady Regla is the drop in the ocean and the all the oceans. She is the mighty river and our very own blood stream. She is our guiding star that now stands in the very Essence of Silent Knowing, no words, no form and also form. She is the Virgin of new possibilities when we are ready to purify all the layers of our emotions, our notions and old programs that no longer serve us or this planet. She is the Heart Essence of Pure Unconditional Love. She is the waves of Unconditional Love. She stands as a light house as storms rage in this world calling us home to the Silence found in our own Heart Center.

The well pump went out yesterday so I have been hauling water for our family from the local spring. Nothing like hauling a little water as a reminder what a precious gift water is. The new pump will be put in today.

This morning I dressed my Black Virgin in blue skirts and ribbons and brought her to the local spring and silently filled my bottles with gratitude.


Below is a link to the Astrologer Marian Tortorella’s website

Marian’s Astrology Services.

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